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Welcome to a transformative guide designed to elevate your coaching practice beyond what you ever thought possible. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning the impact of your coaching programs or wondering how to articulate your value proposition more clearly, you’re in the right place. This article is more than just a read; it’s a call to action for every coach who aspires to offer not just a service, but a life-changing experience.  

We’ll delve into the pitfalls of ‘vanilla’ coaching programs that lack focus and explore why traditional coaching models often fall short. More importantly, we’ll uncover how a results-oriented approach can not only enrich your clients’ lives but also propel your business into a realm of increased profitability and credibility. 

So, if you’re ready to transform your coaching business from merely good to truly exceptional, read on. Your journey towards a more impactful and fulfilling coaching practice starts here.

Elevate Your Coaching Business by Focusing on Results

As a coach, you’re not just selling a service; you’re offering transformation. The key to a successful and fulfilling coaching business lies in your ability to deliver tangible results for your clients. This blog post aims to guide you through the essential elements of creating a results-focused coaching program, offering both informative and inspirational insights for business growth.


The Pitfalls of a “Vanilla” Coaching Program


 Why Traditional Coaching Models Fall Short

The traditional coaching model often assumes that the client has all the answers. While this approach may work for some, it can be limiting for many others. Clients come to you because they are looking for guidance, solutions, and, most importantly, results. If your program lacks a results-oriented focus, you risk losing clients and stunting the growth of your business.


The Importance of Being Results-Oriented

Being results-oriented doesn’t mean making unrealistic promises. It means clearly defining what success looks like for your client and creating a roadmap to get there. A results-focused program is more attractive to potential clients and makes it easier for you to articulate your value proposition.

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The Power of Leadership in Coaching


Guiding Clients Towards Specific Outcomes

As a coach, taking a leadership role in guiding your clients towards specific outcomes can be incredibly effective. This proactive approach allows you to steer the coaching sessions in a direction that will yield tangible results, making the coaching experience more valuable for your clients and more fulfilling for you.


Crafting a Step-by-Step Journey for Success

Every client is on a journey, and your role is to guide them through it, step by step. This involves setting milestones, creating actionable plans, and providing the tools they need to succeed. A well-crafted journey not only keeps your clients engaged but also makes it easier for you to manage your coaching program.

The Role of Accountability in Client Success


Keeping Clients Motivated Through Homework and Check-ins

Accountability is a powerful motivator. Providing homework assignments or regular check-ins can keep your clients engaged and focused on their goals. This ongoing engagement is crucial for maintaining momentum and making consistent progress towards the desired outcomes.


Quick Wins: Building Confidence and Momentum

Celebrating quick wins is essential for building your client’s confidence and maintaining momentum. These small victories create a positive feedback loop that encourages further action, making it easier for your clients to tackle bigger challenges down the line.

Business Benefits of a Results-Focused Approach


How to Increase Your Fees and Client Retention

When you focus on delivering results, you can justify charging higher fees for your services. Clients are more likely to invest in a program that promises specific outcomes and even more likely to stay with you long-term when they start to see real progress.


Enhancing Your Credibility and Referrals

A results-focused approach doesn’t just benefit your clients; it also enhances your credibility as a coach. Satisfied clients are your best advocates. They’ll rave about you, refer you to others, and become repeat customers themselves. This word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable for growing your coaching business.

In conclusion, focusing on results is the key to elevating your coaching business. It makes your program more attractive to potential clients, enhances your credibility, and allows you to charge fees that reflect the value you provide. So, take the lead, hold your clients accountable, and most importantly, deliver the results they desire. Your business will thank you.


In this video you will discover:

  • The primary reason coaching programs fail is a lack of focus on delivering tangible results for clients. Programs that are too “vanilla” and not results-oriented struggle to attract and retain clients.
  • The traditional coaching model, which assumes that the client has all the answers, can be limiting. Taking a leadership role and guiding clients towards specific outcomes can be more effective and fulfilling for both parties.
  • Crafting a coaching program should involve a step-by-step journey designed to lead clients to a specific outcome. This makes the program more valuable and allows you to charge higher fees, moving away from an hourly rate to a more lucrative package-based pricing.
  • Accountability is crucial for client success. Whether it’s through homework assignments or regular check-ins, keeping clients accountable helps them stay motivated and achieve quick wins, building their confidence and momentum.
  • Focusing on results not only benefits your clients but also enhances your credibility as a coach. It makes your program more referable, helps you articulate your value proposition clearly, and ultimately allows you to reclaim your time and energy.

These insights are not just informative but also a call to action for coaches who aim to elevate their practice. By focusing on results, you’re not just selling a service; you’re offering transformation. This is the key to growing a coaching business that’s both profitable and fulfilling.

Exercise: Crafting a Results-Focused Coaching Program

Objective: To identify gaps in your current coaching program and create a roadmap for a more results-oriented approach.

Time Required: Approximately 30-45 minutes

Materials Needed: Pen and paper or a digital note-taking tool and Your current coaching program outline, if available and


  1. Self-Assessment
    • Write down what you believe are the current strengths and weaknesses of your coaching program.
    • Rate your program’s focus on results on a scale of 1-10.
  2. Client Feedback
    • List any feedback you’ve received from clients about the effectiveness of your program.
    • Identify common themes. Are clients generally satisfied with the results they’re achieving?
  3. Define Success
    • Clearly define what “success” means in the context of your coaching program.
    • List the specific outcomes or results that clients should expect from your program.
  4. The Promise
    • Craft a compelling promise statement that encapsulates the results clients can expect.
    • Example: “Transform your communication skills to enhance your relationships and career in just 90 days.”
  5. Step-by-Step Journey
    • Outline a step-by-step journey that will lead your clients to the promised results.
    • Include milestones, actionable plans, and tools they’ll need along the way.
  6. Accountability Measures
    • List ways you will keep your clients accountable. This could be through homework assignments, regular check-ins, or other methods.
  7. Quick Wins
    • Identify opportunities for “quick wins” that can build your client’s confidence and momentum early in the program.
  8. Pricing Strategy
    • Based on the value you’re providing, consider how you might adjust your pricing. Could you move from an hourly rate to a package rate?
  9. Review and Refine
    • Take a step back and review your new program outline. Does it align with your promise and the results-focused approach?
  10. Action Plan
    • Create an action plan to implement these changes. Set deadlines for each action item to keep yourself accountable.

By the end of this exercise, you should have a clearer understanding of how to make your coaching program more results-focused. This will not only enhance your credibility but also allow you to deliver transformative value to your clients, which is the cornerstone of a successful coaching business.

Key Insights - Life Coaching Business


  1. The Downfall of ‘Vanilla’ Programs: Generic coaching programs that lack a focus on results struggle to attract and retain clients, leading to business stagnation.
  2. Limitations of Traditional Coaching Models: Relying solely on the notion that the client has all the answers can be limiting and even detrimental. A more proactive, leadership role is often necessary.
  3. The Power of Being Results-Oriented: A focus on tangible outcomes not only makes your program more appealing to potential clients but also streamlines your marketing and sales processes.
  4. Leadership in Coaching: Taking a leadership role allows you to guide clients through a structured, step-by-step journey toward specific outcomes, enhancing the value of your program.
  5. The Importance of Accountability: Implementing accountability measures like homework and regular check-ins keeps clients engaged and motivated, contributing to their overall success.
  6. Quick Wins Matter: Small, immediate victories are crucial for building client confidence and maintaining momentum, setting the stage for tackling larger goals.
  7. Business Benefits of a Results-Focused Approach: Focusing on results allows you to charge higher fees, improves client retention, and enhances your credibility in the market.
  8. The Value of Referrals and Credibility: A results-oriented approach not only satisfies clients but also turns them into advocates for your business, driving referrals and repeat business.
  9. The Transformational Aspect: You’re not just selling a service; you’re offering a transformation. This is the key to a coaching business that is both profitable and fulfilling.

These insights serve as a roadmap for coaches who are looking to elevate their practice and achieve both client and business success.


1. What is the focus of your coaching program?

Our coaching program is designed to deliver tangible results by guiding you through a step-by-step journey towards your personal and professional goals.

2. How do you ensure accountability?

We use a combination of homework assignments, regular check-ins, and milestone tracking to keep you accountable and on track.

3. What are “quick wins”?

Quick wins are small, achievable tasks or milestones that build your confidence and momentum early in the program.

4. Can I switch from an hourly rate to a package rate?

Yes, we offer both hourly and package rates. Our package rates are designed to provide better value by focusing on end results rather than time spent.

 5. How do you define success in your coaching program?

Success is defined by the achievement of specific outcomes or results that we’ll identify and agree upon at the beginning of your coaching journey.

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