Create Your Coaching Legacy

Learn the invaluable strategies to transform your coaching practice into a sustainable and profitable business. By mastering the art of building a lasting legacy through your coaching business, you can make a profound and enduring impact on your clients while establishing an unwavering reputation for excellence.

Do you find it challenging to:

Design and Establishing a Sustainable Legacy Program: One of the primary challenges for coaches is to develop a comprehensive, impactful program that can stand the test of time and continue to make a difference even after they stop working. This requires strategic planning, a clear vision, and consistent effort.

Identify and Reach Your Target Audience: Given the niche nature of your audience – for example, individuals dealing with broken families and alienation – effectively reaching them poses a significant challenge. This will likely require targeted marketing and outreach strategies, and possibly building partnerships with organizations that cater to similar demographics.

Communicating the Program’s Value: It may be challenging to convey the value and potential benefits of your program effectively. You need to succinctly articulate how your program can help address the specific pain points experienced by her target audience.


Pricing and Selling the Program: You may lack confidence and face difficulties in selling your premium offer priced at £1,500 or £10,000. You feel you would need to convince potential clients of the value they would receive from the program, thus justifying the cost.

Addressing Diverse Needs and Pain Points: Maybe your program aims to tackle a variety of complex emotional issues, for example, grief, trauma, loss, and the emotional distress caused by broken families and alienation. Designing a program that effectively addresses all these aspects can be a substantial challenge.

Scaling the Impact of the Program: Is our vision to create a legacy that can be passed on to future generations, scaling the program is crucial. This might involve training others to deliver the program and ensuring quality consistency as the program grows.

Maintaining the Premium Quality of the Program: With your extensive training and experience in areas like grief, brain trauma, mental health, and hypnotherapy, You would need to ensure that the quality of the program aligns with your high level of expertise. Maintaining this standard as the program expands may pose a challenge.

This is the type of ROI people dream of!

✨ Aligning with your legacy 🌟 makes selling your signature program effortless.
When you connect deeply with your purpose 🎯 and leverage your strengths 💪, you radiate confidence and authenticity. 🌟
Your program becomes a reflection of your true essence, attracting the right audience 👥.
People invest 💰 in your program because they see your expertise 📚 and the results it delivers 🎉.
Selling becomes a natural process of sharing wisdom 📚, making an impact 💥, and leaving a lasting legacy 🏆.
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What Clients Are Saying

Wendy’s one-to-one approach in her LEGACY programme was intensive, insightful and inspiring. Her patience and guidance were second to none as we delved deeply into who I am and what I provide for my clients.

I have learned so much more about myself through this process as well. Developing my signature offer was a more profound experience than I thought possible, and creating the marketing message from it has been enlightening.

I have run my market research which is bringing wonderful supportive feedback for fine-tuning. I did not feel that engaged before. For me, this is an efficiency within my business that will reap dividends for me going forward.

With Wendy’s intuitive guidance, you cannot fail to create something magical, and I would highly recommend working with her. I will certainly be turning to her again for future support and advice.

Debi Richens “The Soul Phoenix” “Your Soul Strategist”

Your legacy is far greater than the list of accomplishments to your name. It is the indelible mark of positivity, compassion, and enlightenment you etch upon the hearts of others. Rather than merely chasing success, aspire to be an architect of value, crafting a legacy that illuminates the path for others and stands as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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Get Ready to Build Your Legacy with my Comprehensive Masterclass Workshop

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover to support you on your journey

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legacy coaching

Understanding the personal and professional benefits of leaving a lasting coaching legacy:

  • Discovering Passion: Identifying and nurturing your passion, akin to my experience working with at-risk youth.
  • Transforming Passion into Purpose: Understanding how personal fulfilment intertwines with professional success, and how your passion can evolve into a meaningful purpose.
  • Creating a Legacy: Exploring the concept of legacy creation in the coaching business, reflecting wisdom, knowledge, and compassion.
  • Empowerment through Business Coaching: Harnessing business coaching as a tool to empower others towards financial freedom and business success.
  • Impact of Legacy: Highlighting the transformative influence that our legacies can have on our own lives, as well as on the individuals and businesses we interact with.
Wendy Kier -  topical authority

How to easily scale your coaching business from scratch to £10,000 per month with:

  • Building Meaningful Relationships: Understanding the importance of establishing strong connections based on trust, nurturing, and respect with clients.
  • Investing in Client Success: Realizing the significance of full commitment to clients’ success, which contributes to creating a legacy in the coaching industry.
  • Client Retention: Grasping the role of strong relationships in retaining clients, which is essential for consistent business growth.
  • Referral Generation: Appreciating how satisfied clients can serve as a referral source, further aiding in business expansion.
  • Long-Term Growth: Appreciating how all these factors not only contribute to immediate business scaling but also ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of your coaching business.

Wendy Kier -  topical authority

Learn How to Gain Topical Authority and Accelerate Your Path To Becoming a Thought Leader:

  • Understanding Topical Websites: Recognizing the role and benefits of topical websites in boosting search engine visibility and serving as reliable resources.
  • Defining Your Niche: Appreciating the importance of identifying and specializing in a particular niche within the coaching industry.
  • Building Topical Authority: Grasping the concept of topical authority and its positive impact on trust, value, and recognition of coaching services
  • Tailoring Coaching Programs: Learning the significance of tailoring coaching programs to align with the unique needs and challenges of the target audience within your niche.
  • Establishing Thought Leadership: Understanding how gaining topical authority and defining your niche can accelerate your journey to becoming a thought leader in the coaching industry.
    Wendy Kier Five Pillars

    Discover the Five Pillars of Developing a Profitable and Unique Signature Coaching Program:

    • Client-Centered Approach: Understand and meet the unique needs of your clients. A tailored, client-centred coaching program often results in higher client satisfaction and better outcomes.
    • Brand Differentiation: Stand out in a competitive industry by leveraging your unique strengths, insights, and expertise in your coaching program. This differentiation can position your brand as an industry leader.
    • Profitability: A high-quality, tailored coaching program can increase the potential for higher profitability, leading to a more successful and sustainable coaching business.
    • Strategic Framework Utilization: Utilize strategic frameworks, like the Five Pillars, to guide the development of your coaching program. Such frameworks can provide structure and guidance, increasing the effectiveness and impact of your program.

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    The Accidental Legacy

    Unleash your potential to inspire, empower, and leave a lasting imprint on the world with “The Accidental Legacy: Empowering Coaches to Leave a Profound Imprint” by Wendy Kier. This insightful guide is designed to help you harness your unique skills and experiences to create a profound impact in the world of coaching.

    In “The Accidental Legacy,” Wendy Kier shares her journey from working with at-risk youth to becoming a successful business coach. She provides practical strategies and tips for coaches who aspire to make a difference and build a successful coaching business. This book is a testament to the transformative power of coaching and the potential within each of us to inspire change, empower others, and leave a lasting legacy.

    New Book Cover - The Accidental Legacy By Wendy Kier

    Embrace the extraordinary and propel your business to unprecedented levels with my one-to-one Legacy Signature Suite Coaching.

    Welcome to our premier VIP programme, expertly crafted to guide you in unveiling your three standout signature offers. This includes the personalisation of a one-to-one signature coaching program, development of an influential group programme, and creation of an unforgettable VIP immersion experience.

    Dive into our 90-Minute Masterclass Experience.

    Join us for an intensive, enlightening training session that will become a valuable addition to your personal development library. You’ll have the convenience to view it on-demand, soaking in wisdom at your own pace and according to your schedule.

    With this masterclass, make every moment count towards enhancing your skills and expanding your horizons.

    Inquisitive Minds Welcome Open Q&A Session.

    Whether it’s a pressing concern, a burning curiosity, or a point of confusion, no question is off-limits. Get all your business-related queries addressed in our interactive Open Q&A Session. It’s your golden opportunity to gain insights, clarity, and advice for your entrepreneurial journey.”

    Together, let’s set the stage for your brilliance and craft your legacy in the coaching industry.

    Nail Your Legacy Signature Suite

    Master Your Legacy Signature Suite: Ignite Your Potential and Shape an Enduring Impact with My VIP Coaching

    In my tailored one-on-one immersion, we’ll sculpt your unique Legacy Signature Suite, a holistic blueprint for building a successful and resonant business that embodies your values and leverages your strengths.

    We’ll ensure that…

    …Your bespoke Legacy Signature 1-1 Coaching Program is on point ✔️

    …Your engaging Group program is on point ✔️

    …Your unforgettable VIP immersion is on point ✔️

    With our full, undistracted focus, we’ll elevate your business to its pinnacle.

    We’ll delve into the heart of what your customers are eager to invest their time, money, and energy in. We’ll pinpoint the premium pricing that you can confidently and consistently charge.

    We’ll craft a unique Legacy Signature Suite that endows you with trustworthiness, credibility, and topical authority. This enables you to influence more lives, amplifying your desired impact.

    With our bespoke Legacy Signature Suite, let’s make your mark in your field and beyond.”

    Do you have the desire to ELEVATE and create a unique, one-of-a-kind legacy signature program?


    Elevate your client’s RESULTS..

    your BRAND…

    your INCOME..

    Exploring Your Legacy: Understand the personal and professional benefits of creating a coaching legacy that lasts, influences, and motivates others.

    Roadmap for Success: Learn how to strategically grow your coaching business from a start-up to making £10,000 per month, supporting consistent growth and success.

    Five Key Elements of Signature Coaching: Discover the five key aspects to create a unique and profitable signature coaching program that distinguishes you in the marketplace and appeals to your target audience.

    Becoming a Thought Leader: Learn how to become an authority in your subject matter, speeding up your path to being recognised as a thought leader in your field.

    Workshop Resources: You’ll get a detailed workbook and access to a video replay of the workshop. These resources allow you to review and strengthen your knowledge in your own time.

    Question and Answer Session: Take part in an open Q&A session. Benefit from one-to-one mentoring and get personalised responses to your specific queries or challenges

    Wendy Kier Standing By A Tree on Beach


    As a mentor, I’ve been privileged to guide many coaches to liberate themselves from the cycle of undercharging and giving away their time without compensation. I’ve helped them realise their true worth, empowering them to demand fees reflective of their value, often within the four-figure bracket. The resulting financial freedom they achieve and the better lives they can build for themselves, their families, and their clients is a testament to their potential. The joy I witness in their transformation and their business growth is my ultimate satisfaction.

    Inspired by a profound desire to leave an impactful legacy and catalyse positive change in the world, I devote myself to raising awareness about the crippling effects of trauma on individuals and society. To accomplish this, I have opened my own journey to the world, penning an Amazon bestseller that garnered recognition from esteemed institutions like Brunel University London. I’ve initiated a series of co-authored books, a platform for courageous women to narrate their stories of triumph over trauma. In addition, I organise an annual online conference titled “Take a Stand Against Abuses,” a clarion call for solidarity and action against injustices.

    The heart of my work lies in my collaboration with personal and business coaches who are equally passionate about fostering positive change. My mentoring empowers them to escape the loop of overworking and undercharging, steering them towards financial freedom, a balanced life, and the ability to significantly impact their clients’ lives. Witnessing the positive ripple effect of my influence on their journeys brings immense fulfilment, and I take pride in being a part of their success stories.

    My ultimate aspiration is to inspire others to surpass their self-imposed limitations, to kindle a spark that ignites a movement towards lasting global change. I firmly believe that together, we can elevate people’s self-expectations, fostering a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come. By seeding a legacy of awareness, empowerment, and transformative change, I aspire to contribute to making our world a better place for all.

    What My VIP Signature Program Clients Say

    Wendy has been my business coach for over 2 years. Through this journey she has helped my business as well as my self-belief to grow. She has held me accountable and pushed me to step up and take my business to the next level. Wendy’s commitment to her clients is second to none as she is always there for you through your journey. Wendy is my go-to coach and one I recommend to everyone I know.

    Ambila Nath

    Award Winning Cert. Spiritual Business Coach and Magazine Editor | Manifesting Expert | International Speaker

    I worked with Wendy for 12 weeks on creating a signature program and selling only premium offers. I went into it thinking I had it pretty much sorted already and I would just be adding tweaks to improve sales. Wendy guided me through a process to get pinpoint clarity on what I offer as well as to back it up with gargantuan self worth. Once she had initiated that stratospheric change in my business she set to work showing me how to sell that to hot and cold leads, in a way that flowed from who I am and what I offer, rather than a grinding sales formula that crushed my soul. It was the most joyous and personable experience I have ever had with a mentor – with tangible results to make it well worth the investment, not only in my business but in my life purpose too.

    Ruth Priscilla

    Life is your Playground - Play it Your Way

    I highly recommend working with Wendy and completing her IMPACT programme. Her strength is in taking you through a powerful process to gain clarity in creating your signature programme. She does this with warmth, humour, compassion, structure and gentle but firm guidance. Wendy ensures you have a process and system in place that keeps you organised and allows you to focus on the work you love to do and to get the results you’re looking for.

    Neeta O'Keeffe

    State of Mind Coach for Women over 40 to break the habit of overthinking

    I recently had the pleasure of being mentored by Wendy as part of her 90 Day Impact Programme. I had known Wendy online for some time prior to joining the programme and was someone I greatly respected. Wendy is great at facilitating deep growth and transformation , but does it in such an effortless and easeful way and . Working with Wendy during the programme helped me to really take a step back, get clear about who I was and wanted to be as a Business Owner, gain clarity over my message , the clients I serve, the areas I was passionate about and bring it all together in a more concise and elegant way. On completion of the programme I also felt that I had not only a solid strategy, but real action steps and practical tools which were totally do able and would allow me to make the impact that I desired to and move my business forward.

    Selina Boshorin

    Leadership Strategist I help CEOs & Business Leaders who are juggling multiple priorities to create more balanced, sustainable & scalable growth.

    As an already established Empowerment Coach & Speaker I can honestly say that 6 months after joining Virtual Speaking Professionals my confidence has grown immeasurably with regard to my particular ‘elephant in the room’ – that of mastering technology. Wendy Kier provides a broad level of support, drawing from her wealth of experience in the industry and in doing so she enables members (regardless of their starting point) to consistently grow in confidence without us ever feeling pressurised or lacking in some way. Which is a massive plus when it comes to establishing or increasing the online presence of our businesses and by definition ourselves. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Wendy and Virtual Speaking Professionals to anyone who is looking to take their career and/or business to the next level and beyond – Sue Curr Fear Less Live More.

    Sue Curr

    Helping overwhelmed, professional parents fearlessly bring order to chaos, confidently create permanent positive change and lead happier, more meaningful lives

    Wendy helped me think differently and as a result of this she supported me to create my signature 1-2-1 premium program. Clients instantly understood my expertise, value and the results I would help them achieve. THE IMPACT My clients started to serve their clients at a higher level, enrolling new clients themselves & selling more products and services. I learnt how to position yourself with authority, credibility and I learnt how to sell confidently and market my business on and offline. I highly recommend working with Wendy, not only is she a fantastic business coach but she 100% delivers on her word to help you take your business to the next level. She cares deeply about her clients, getting them results that they want and is also a powerful personal coach.

    Beverley Fray

    Life Strategist with over 30-years experience of transforming lives in the areas of personal wellbeing & money.