Learn the art of masterful sales copy

Ignite Sales, Spark Action, Multiply Revenue. Learn how to create a Tailor-Made Sales Copy Template for Timeless Use, Crafted to Reflect Your Unique Brand and Style.

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Dear Visionary Coaches and Therapists,

Welcome to this month’s SheLeads Masterclass, where we simplify the art of effective sales copy.

I know firsthand how challenging crafting sales copy can be. I used to struggle, spending endless hours attempting to find the right words and layout. My copy was, to be honest, disorganized, vanilla and ineffective, leading to disappointing sales. On top of that, being dyslexic made the process even more time-consuming.

That all changed when I discovered ChatGPT. It didn’t write for me, but it helped me articulate my thoughts clearly and turn them into compelling words. The result? A staggering 500% increase in sales from just one sales page last month alone. The shift wasn’t just about better copy; it was about achieving clarity, specificity, and impactful results.

In our upcoming Masterclass, we’ll go beyond scratching the surface. We’ll guide you on crafting copy that’s not only compelling but also authentically yours. And that’s not all; I’ll personally review sales pages and offer direct mentorship on easy-to-implement sales strategies.

This month’s SheLeads Masterclass is designed to give you a reusable sales page template tailored specifically for coaches and therapists. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to create persuasive, inspiring, and results-driven sales copy. Plus, you’ll gain insights that you can apply to all of your online marketing communications, whether it’s for single sales or year-round bundles. 

Ready to learn the art of effective sales copy? 

Warm regards,

Karen Brown

Tailor-Made Sales Copy Template

Can be used on your Website, Social Media and Email Marketing

Creating your very own tailor-made sales copy template isn’t just a task to check off your to-do list; it’s a transformative experience for your coaching or therapy practice. Imagine this: Every word you put out into the digital universe resonates deeply with the people who need your help the most. You’re not just sending a message; you’re building bridges, connecting lives, and empowering change. 

Wendy Kier, AI Art, AI Art Project, Green

This is far more than a mere document; it’s a robust strategy that breathes life into your digital presence and fuels your revenue streams. When you pour your expertise and compassion into crafting this template, you’re essentially creating a digital extension of yourself. It becomes your voice in the vast realm of online communication—a voice that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your prospective clients, stirring in them the trust and desire to work with you.

This is your chance to shine, to showcase what sets you apart in a crowded marketplace. You’ve got something truly valuable to offer, and a customised sales copy template is your stage to let the world know you’re here, you’re extraordinary, and you’re ready to make a difference.

So, don’t just create a template; create a revolution in how you interact and engage online. Trust me, the ROI won’t just be in pounds and pence but in enriched relationships, personal growth, and the irreplaceable joy of watching your clients flourish under your guidance. This is your moment—seize it!

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sheLeads CopyCraft Trio (GPT ASSISTANT)

The Ultimate Sales Copy Enhancement Suite Value: £333

Elevate your sales copywriting skills with the SheLeads CopyCraft Trio, now available as a self-study Masterclass. This exclusive suite of tools is expertly designed for coaches and therapists, empowering you to master the art of compelling sales copy. The trio includes:

  • Challenge to Inspiring Story: Learn to convert challenges into captivating stories that resonate.
  • Copy Insight Analyzer: Extract and utilize key insights from your experiences for impactful copy.
  • Sales Page Headline Guru: Quickly generate magnetic headlines from your own copy.

With the self-study SheLeads Masterclass, you gain instant access to these transformative tools. Perfect your copywriting skills at your own pace, from crafting engaging narratives to creating headlines that capture attention and drive action. This suite is your key to crafting sales copy that authentically represents your unique brand and style.

Embark on your journey to sales copy excellence today with the SheLeads CopyCraft Trio!

Sales Page Headline Guru
Sales Page Headline Guru
Sales Page Headline Guru

Are You Set to Master the Art of Captivating Sales Copy?

Join me to master the art of crafting compelling sales copy that will elevate not just your sales pages, but also your email campaigns, social media marketing, and any other form of written communication. This masterclass is more than just a guide; it’s a transformative blueprint designed to turn mediocre sales copy into an inspirational beacon that draws clients like moths to a flame.

The beauty of this journey into the world of sales copy is not just in learning the art, but also in discovering the vast range of opportunities it unlocks. It will not only serve as content to attract and expand your client base but will also act as a dynamic marketing tool, amplifying the reach of your services, products, and masterclasses.

Choosing this masterclass will do more than just add another feather to your cap; it will fortify a business model rooted in sustainability and innovation. Effectively expressing yourself through the written word isn’t always straightforward; however, our innovative approach guarantees something fresh and valuable, captivating both existing and prospective clients. This sets your business on a trajectory towards lasting success and influence.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey into the realm of sales copy mastery?

Together, let’s unleash the untapped potential that awaits!

Wendy Kier, AI ART

Step 1: Laying the Cornerstone – Mastering the Art of Transformational Sales Copy

Understanding Your Client’s Challenges and Articulating Transformational Results

  • Case Studies: The Good, the Bad, and the Instructive: Gain vital insights from real-life sales copy examples to understand the nuances and why a tailored focus is essential for success.
  • A Guided Tour of Successful Sales Pages: We’ll dissect various sales pages, identifying elements that resonate and those that repel, equipping you with a discerning eye for effective sales copy.
  • Deep Dive Into Best Practices: Get an insider’s perspective on crafting compelling copy. We delve deep to explore what engages your audience and what turns them away.

By meticulously laying this cornerstone, you set the stage for sales copy that not only captures attention but also converts prospects into committed clients. Think of this as your blueprint for achieving lasting impact and sustainable income in your coaching or therapy practice.


Step 2: Results That Resonate and Sell

Delve into the heart of result-driven copywriting, where each word you write is a calculated step towards converting interest into investment.

    • Unlocking the Power of Result-Driven Sales Copy: Gain an insider’s perspective on crafting sales copy that promises—and delivers—transformative outcomes your audience craves.
    • Strategies for Magnetic Headline Selection: Discover my tried-and-true formula for crafting irresistible headlines that not only capture attention but also ignite the desire to invest.
    • Mastering the Art of Core Issue Identification: Equip yourself with potent techniques to identify the pressing pain points and aspirations of your target audience. This will enhance the relevance and magnetic pull of your sales copy.

    By honing your skills in this pivotal first step, you’ll set the stage for sales copy that’s both impactful and financially rewarding. Eliminate the guesswork and make every word count towards achieving your business goals.

    This approach ensures that you build on a solid foundation, paving the way for sales copy that captivates, converts, and contributes meaningfully to your business success. Consider this the blueprint for generating a lasting impact and a rewarding income in your coaching or therapy practice.

AI, Art Wendy Kier
Wendy Kier, AI Art, Sales Made Easy, businesswoman in her early 50s. Adorned with boho-inspired jewelry and standing on a road leading in one direction, the scene captures her contemplative mood against a deep green spiritual backdrop

STEP 3. Master the Art of Crafting a High-Impact Sales Copy Template

Learn a step-by-step process that provides you with a reusable roadmap. This roadmap is calibrated to reflect your unique value proposition, ensuring optimal revenue and client satisfaction. 

  • Curate with Precision: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements that influence purchasing decisions, fine-tuning your copy to guide your audience effectively.
  • Leverage ChatGPT: Uncover how to use ChatGPT to develop compelling sales copy. Learn to create a success blueprint that not only captures attention but also encourages active engagement from start to finish.
  • The Finishing Touch: Discover how to elevate your copy from being merely ‘vanilla’ to an irresistible ‘chocolate sundae with a cherry on top’ that people can’t help but love.

By meticulously implementing these creative strategies, you ensure that your sales copy does more than just inform—it resonates emotionally with your audience. This amplifies the value you bring to their lives, both personally and professionally. In essence, make every sentence a stepping stone to connection and conversion. 

Anticipate a Journey of Transformation and Insight in This Masterclass


Delve Deep into Mastery: Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of the Art of Captivating Sales Copy—Unlock Its Core Principles and Tailored Applications for Amplifying Your Coaching and Therapy Practice.


Practical Immersion: Dive into Hands-On Exercises and Real-World Activities, Crafting Sales Copy Precisely Tailored to Elevate Your Coaching or Therapy Practice.


Personalised Guidance: Benefit from One-to-One Expert Advice and Constructive Feedback from an Experienced Facilitator, All Aimed at Crafting Cutting-Edge Sales Copy to Meet Your Unique Goals.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore a Diverse Array of Topics, from Results-Driven Sales Copy to Innovative Sales Page Layout Strategies, Ensuring You’re Fully Equipped to Integrate the Art of Sales Copy into Your Own Practice.


Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded coaches and therapists, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.


Resourceful Materials: Access resources, templates, and references to continue your AI graphics journey beyond the course.


Gain In-Depth Knowledge: Acquire a deep understanding of AI graphics, its principles, and its applications in the coaching and therapy fields.


Confidence Boost: Cultivate the Assurance to Move Beyond Vanilla Sales Copy, Crafting Messages that Not Only Enhance Your Brand but Also Engage Clients, Setting You Apart in the Competitive Arena of Coaching and Therapy.


Tangible Outcomes: Leave Equipped with a Unique Sales Copy Page Layout and a Robust Framework, Tailored for Repeated Success in Selling Your Coaching or Therapy Products and Services.

Weny Kier, AI Art, Vanila Marketing

Vanilla ice cream may be a classic.

However, vanilla sales copy won’t ignite the spark that persuades people to act.

Nor will it convince them that you’re the expert they’ve been searching for.

Working with Wendy has been an incredible experience for my business. She played a vital role in boosting my confidence, particularly in the areas where I needed the most support. Wendy has been like a guardian angel to me throughout this journey. Having someone like Wendy by your side, available 24/7, ensures that you will always thrive and achieve success in every aspect of your life.

Ambila Nath

Wendy played a crucial role in helping me gain clarity on my purpose, target audience, and she guided me in developing a powerful signature program that I believe can make a profound impact on people’s lives. Additionally, she helped me recognise the self-doubt that was holding me back, even when it was unfounded and irrelevant. Through her guidance, I learned invaluable lessons on breaking free from negative thinking patterns and maximising my productivity within limited time constraints.

Becky Booth

Working with Wendy has been one of the best experiences of my business. I learned how to create a signature system and a premium offer that will help me grow a profitable business, thanks to Wendy’s guidance. I enjoyed her dynamic and fun approach, which made the challenging process of getting clear on my message and services much more enjoyable. Wendy’s commitment as a mentor has helped me move with confidence towards my vision and goals.

Carmita Priesco

Wendy’s one-on-one Impact Intensive was phenomenal. With her patient coaching, I was able to fine-tune my essential marketing message and develop my signature offer. The greatest outcome was that I could promote my new signature offer and attract clients even before completing Wendy’s Impact Intensive! I’m grateful for the remarkable impact Wendy’s guidance has had on my business.

Carolyn Gray

Wendy hosted the Money Challenge and created a supportive environment for a group of high vibe like-minded women on a similar path. I highly recommend this challenge to others for its value in personal growth and development.

Iona Meade

Working with Wendy has taken my thinking to a whole different level. Her delightful personality and way of working made the experience enjoyable. Wendy took the time to understand my business and didn’t try to fit it into a box. Instead, she rebuilt the box to fit my business, providing a personalized approach that resonated with me. Gillian Rayne

Working with Wendy as a mentor has been a transformative experience. I have experienced significant personal growth and learned a great deal about myself as a businessperson. Wendy’s thorough and personalised course provided excellent value tailored to my needs. I’m grateful for the valuable insights gained during my collaboration with Wendy.

Nina Hallinger Ashby

Through working with Wendy, I was able to amend my offering and realign it with my purpose and mission. I confidently recommend Wendy’s services to others for the positive impact she had on my business.

Naetha Uren

Your Title Goes Here

With Wendy’s guidance, I gained clarity and purpose in my signature program. It has empowered me to confidently communicate about my program and share my expertise. Wendy’s wisdom and guidance have had a phenomenal impact on my journey. Laura Ceppelli

Here’s What You Can Expect

We’ll be zeroing in on the art of masterful sales copy. Our objective is to empower you to establish profound connections and communicate persuasively with your audience. This will lay the foundation for generating a sustainable, year-round income for your coaching or therapy practice.

  • Understanding Results That Sell: It’s crucial to offer something that genuinely resonates with your target audience. We’ll delve deep into understanding the type of results that captivate and compel people to invest.
  • Crystal-Clear Outcomes: Gain absolute clarity on the transformative benefits that will convince people to invest their time, energy, and money.
  • Crafting Your Sales Copy Template: Discover how to create a versatile guide for all your sales and marketing communications.
  • Real-Time Mentoring and Guidance: Benefit from live coaching sessions where you receive first-hand advice.
  • Invaluable Confidence: By mastering the craft of effective sales copy, you’ll gain the confidence to express your unique voice and value proposition.

This is more than just a course; it’s a meticulously designed, immersive experience. You’ll receive tailored strategies and actionable insights aimed at enhancing your business acumen and leadership capabilities.

Consider this masterclass a transformative journey, specifically curated to propel you toward achieving tangible, real-world results. Come join me, and open the door to a plethora of opportunities that will not only elevate your skills but broaden your professional landscape.

Women Talking about Life Coaching

Turn your coaching and therapeutic practice into a lighthouse of inspiration and a consistent source of revenue

Unlocking Comprehensive Benefits: A Holistic Approach to Accelerating Your ROI and Business Resilience

Wendy Kier, AI Art, Elderly woman with silver hair joyfully looking at floating British pound notes in a modern, eclectic room with a beach view.

Cost-Effective Copywriting: Initially, you’ll not only save substantial amounts of money but also invaluable time, eliminating the need for an expensive copywriter. ChatGPT excels in crafting compelling sales copy.

Time-Saving: Time is a precious commodity. I’ve lost countless hours—even weeks—crafting copy that simply didn’t perform. Now, you can reclaim that time and focus on what you’re passionate about.

Boosted Revenue: Elevate the quality of your copy and watch your revenue soar. Engaging and inspiring content compels your audience to take decisive action.

Return on Investment: These are just a sampling of the benefits you’ll experience. Each component speaks to different aspects of your business, contributing to a robust and resilient revenue model.

Don’t just take my word for it—experience the transformative power of effective sales copy for yourself.

Choose the perfect plan!

The Result Amplifier

Experience the Power of Mastery at Your Own Pace with Our Recorded SheLeads Masterclass

Dive deep into the art of crafting compelling sales copy specifically tailored for your coaching or therapy business, now available through our exclusive recorded Masterclass. This offering is ideal for those dedicated to not just learning but truly mastering the nuances of persuasive copywriting.

While you may have missed the live interaction, you won’t miss out on the rich content and insights shared. With this standalone product, you gain unlimited access to the recorded Masterclass. Watch, rewind, and revisit the sessions at your leisure, ensuring you fully absorb every strategy and tip shared.

But that’s not all. To enhance your learning experience, you’ll be welcomed into a private chat group. Here, you join a community of like-minded women, each committed to their professional growth. This vibrant space allows for continuous dialogue, exchange of ideas, and fostering of mutual growth. You can ask questions, share insights, and receive ongoing support, making your learning journey both comprehensive and interactive.

Embrace this opportunity to refine your sales copy skills with the flexibility of our recorded Masterclass and the dynamic support of our exclusive community. Begin your journey to sales copy excellence today!

The Conversion Catalyst

(Everything in The Result Amplifier)

The Conversion Catalyst: Your Ultimate Pathway to Sales Copy Mastery

Introducing “The Conversion Catalyst,” a meticulously crafted package for those who are dedicated to mastering the art and science of transformative sales copy in their coaching or therapy business. This tier is not just an offering; it’s a pivotal turning point in your professional journey.

As part of the Conversion Catalyst, you’ll immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration that goes beyond the basics. You’ll receive all the enriching benefits of the Comprehensive Strategist tier, along with additional, exclusive features designed to elevate your skills and strategy.

At the heart of this package is a bespoke 45-minute one-to-one consultation. This session is a deep dive into your business’s unique landscape, focusing on accelerating your growth and enhancing your sales copy. In this confidential setting, we’ll tackle your specific challenges and tailor strategies that resonate with your unique brand and objectives.

This consultation is more than just a meeting; it’s a transformative experience. Whether you’re seeking clarity, bespoke guidance, or a burst of creative inspiration, our focused approach is designed to revolutionise your perspective and approach to sales copy.

The Conversion Catalyst is the ultimate tier for those who are not just aspiring to learn but are committed to achieving the pinnacle of mastery in their business strategy. Embrace this transformative journey and catalyse your success in sales copy like never before. 

If you encounter any issues making a payment using the payment link, OR WOULD LIKE TO PAY IN ANOTHER CURRENCY, please click here or send an email to wendy@wendykier.com

what this masterclass is not

Wendy Kier, AI Art, Sudents
AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub, women 45 plus

In my masterclass, there’s no room for fluff or tiresome sales jargon. I’m committed to delivering razor-sharp guidance that will not only elevate your sales copy today but will also become a cornerstone of your wider marketing and sales strategy.

My teaching approach melds a foundational 40% instructional segment, where we’ll cover the essential building blocks, with a 60% hands-on, interactive experience. In this action-focused segment, you’ll craft a sales page outline, tailored to effectively market your unique services.

My unwavering commitment is to arm you with actionable insights and vital skills. By the conclusion of our masterclass, you’ll be fully equipped to create, market, and monetise your own compelling copy.

So, why hesitate?

Take that pivotal next step towards financial freedom and creative mastery.

Join me now.

still not sure?

I appreciate that you may have reservations. Let’s address them head-on:

Time Commitment:

Your schedule is tight—I get it. That’s why this immersive masterclass is built for flexibility. With self-paced learning and on-demand replays, you can assimilate knowledge at your own speed, without any pressure to keep up. My curated resources are geared towards streamlining your journey, making it possible to transform your skills around your commitments.

Technical Complexity:

If tech intimidates you, fret not. This course starts with the essentials and scaffolds your understanding. With a user-friendly workbook and incremental steps, you’ll find the process unintimidating. Even if you’re a novice in sales copywriting, I’ve got you covered—alongside ChatGPT, we’ll unlock your copywriting potential.


I hear you—you need something that’s tailored to your role as a coach or therapist. This course is designed precisely for you, to amplify your brand, deepen client engagement, and fine-tune your messaging, driving your practice to new heights.


women, multicultural, boho Jewlery, love, wealth, abundance


View this masterclass as just that—an investment into your future success. With practical skills that extend far beyond the course, you’ll gain a long-term return, attracting and retaining clients with your own custom sales copy. Think of this less as an expense and more as a proactive step toward achieving your business aspirations.

Confidence Crisis:

This journey is as much about gaining self-assurance as it is about acquiring skills. With personalized support and mentorship, you’ll quickly find your voice, crafting compelling sales copy that authentically represents your unique approach.


Doubts are natural, so I invite you to browse the 100+ LinkedIn testimonials I’ve garnered. These client endorsements confirm the reliability and quality you can expect from my services. Your success begins with choosing the right mentor—that’s a commitment I promise to honor.

Prior Knowledge:

Whether you’re a beginner or have some level of expertise, this course has something valuable for everyone. We’ll start with the basics and gradually explore advanced topics, ensuring all attendees walk away enriched.

Integration Challenges:

Don’t worry about fitting what you learn into your existing strategy. The masterclass provides hands-on guidance on seamless integration, aligning newly acquired skills with your unique practice style.

Fear of Change:

I understand that adapting to new tools like ChatGPT may be unsettling, but change is often the precursor to growth. This masterclass is geared to help you adapt to the ever-changing coaching and therapy landscape, attracting a new demographic hungry for fresh, innovative approaches.

Perceived Learning Curve:

If you’re concerned that mastering sales copy is an uphill battle, let me allay those fears. I’ll break down the complexities into bite-sized, manageable pieces, helping you not just learn, but master the art of effective copywriting.

I am committed to alleviating your concerns, providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment. My end goal is to arm you with the tools and insights you need to excel.

SheLeads Client Testimonials

Debi Richens

Growth often doesn’t happen at speed when you are learning something new as you are coming to grips with a whole new mindset and ways of implementing new tools to be their most effective for you, and your business needs. Wendy Kier has just changed all of that for me through her Content and Article Marketing ChatGPT Masterclass that I recently attended. It has been quite phenomenal and has opened my world exponentially with AI technology. If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about AI and how you can utilise it to your business benefit, have a chat with Wendy about attending her masterclasses. You won’t regret it.

Wendy is unique in her way of working, and I have felt fully engaged in a process that really is far easier than I had thought it would be. Her step-by-step processes, along with the workbooks and support materials that she has created to go along with our trainings, has been superb. For me, using my own client testimonials to create the structure to my programmes has been nothing short of the biggest growth spurt I have made in my practice for a long time. What has taken me many hours to get my head around was created in a few short minutes, allowing me to flesh it out in exactly the way I want without wasting precious time.

Wendy has been meticulous in her results driven focus meaning that we achieve more than we could have imagined at the beginning of the masterclass. I came away empowered and enthusiastic and have created far more than I had originally thought possible. I took time to go back through the workbooks and other materials that Wendy provided, and along with the accountability sessions and the private support space that we share, I am utterly astounded at what I have achieved in such a short space of time.

Wendy’s coaching approach is generous and warm hearted, and you feel fully supported along the journey. Doing practical work whilst you are in the workshop, ensures that you really do understand what it is that Wendy is teaching you, her guidance is second to none.

If you want cost effective results driven training that gets you set up and going in a very short space of time, then I highly recommend engaging with Wendy Kier. She has changed my world exponentially.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Wendy Kier for providing the incredible Content and Article Marketing ChatGPT Masterclass. As someone who was completely new to AI Technology, I cannot recommend this masterclass enough to those who may be feeling overwhelmed about incorporating AI into their business.

Wendy has a remarkable ability to demystify ChatGPT, making it easily understandable and accessible for everyone. She took us through a step-by-step process, sharing her exact methods, before allowing us to experiment ourselves. One of the most mind-blowing aspects was when we had to bring client testimonials to construct a unique client profile tailored to our specific services. I was astonished by how quickly and accurately ChatGPT generated a program outline that resonated perfectly, solely based on the material we provided.

Wendy is meticulous in leaving no room for chance, dedicating herself entirely to helping you achieve results. By the end of the masterclass, you leave feeling empowered and fully prepared to take the next step in implementing ChatGPT. What sets this masterclass apart is the continuous support even after the course is completed. Wendy provides a comprehensive workbook equipped with prompts, templates, and various other tips and tools to assist you along your journey.

Having known Wendy for a long time, I can confidently say that she is one of the most generous and open-hearted coaches I have ever encountered. You never feel alone on this journey, as she incorporates accountability calls to keep you on track. I wholeheartedly endorse Wendy and her masterclass, and I encourage others to seize this opportunity to work with her.

Karen Ferguson

I have worked with Wendy before, so when she invited me to attend her Content and Article Marketing ChatGPT Masterclass I knew I couldn’t say no. Despite already using ChatGPT to some extent, Wendy’s knowledge, practical exercises, and understanding of each delegates business meant she was able to offer both great general advice and really helpful personalised advice as well.

I have learnt so much from her throughout this programme and one of the things I think is essential to highlight is that Wendy doesn’t teach this just to create volumes of content, she always keeps in mind and ensures everyone understands that it is our knowledge and experience that is at the heart of what we create, so we can ensure it is unique, tells our story and shows clearly that we are experts in our field.

I am already looking forward to the next programme I will be joining with Wendy.

I highly recommend Wendy as an experienced coach who will provide you with the resources and support necessary to successfully work your way through any of her courses. With explicit instructions and the relevant materials, she is able to easily guide you through a program and achieve the results for which you are striving.

Additionally, she is also an accomplished summit host who makes you feel comfortable and at ease while relating your story to a wide audience. She is on top of the current technology to help business owners market their expertise and show up as a guiding light in their field.


Carmita AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub Women 50 Years Old
Gold Heart
AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub, Women 50 plus
Carmita AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub Women 50 Years Old
Oh wow thank you Sherine Lovegrove ♥️
A1 Marketing Mastery Coasches Hub Women 50 years old Karen

“Wendy Kier has just changed all of that for me through her Content and Article Marketing ChatGPT Masterclass that I recently attended. It has been quite phenomenal and has opened my world exponentially with AI technology.”

“Her step-by-step processes, along with the workbooks and support materials that she has created to go along with our trainings, has been superb. For me, using my own client testimonials to create the structure to my programmes has been nothing short of the biggest growth spurt I have made in my practice for a long time.”

“Wendy has a remarkable ability to demystify ChatGPT, making it easily understandable and accessible for everyone. One of the most mind-blowing aspects was when we had to bring client testimonials to construct a unique client profile tailored to our specific services.”

“By the end of the masterclass, you leave feeling empowered and fully prepared to take the next step in implementing ChatGPT. What sets this masterclass apart is the continuous support even after the course is completed.”

“Having known Wendy for a long time, I can confidently say that she is one of the most generous and open-hearted coaches I have ever encountered. You never feel alone on this journey, as she incorporates accountability calls to keep you on track.”

“Despite already using ChatGPT to some extent, Wendy’s knowledge, practical exercises, and understanding of each delegate’s business meant she was able to offer both great general advice and really helpful personalized advice as well.”

“I highly recommend Wendy as an experienced coach who will provide you with the resources and support necessary to successfully work your way through any of her courses.”

“I work with Wendy on all of her AI trainings and have found them to be invaluable. I have learnt so much, have plenty of materials to refer to whenever I need a refresh, and have plenty of confidence to create my own pieces of writing with the support of AI, rather than it taking over. Wendy’s workshops have been some of the best investments I have made recently.” 

Trust in this process, and the transformative results will follow

questions and answers

What do I get for the £122 Foundation Builder package?

The SheLeads Masterclass will guide you step-by-step on how to identify, create, sell, and scale paid masterclasses tailored for coaches and therapists. Topics range from selecting compelling masterclass topics to setting up optimal pricing and even diving into affiliate marketing. The aim is to arm you with practical skills and knowledge that will help you secure a consistent monthly income.

How is the next level different from the Foundation Builder?

The next level package includes everything from the Foundation Builder and adds a slew of additional features. You’ll get a replay of the class, access to an exclusive community of like-minded professionals, and a dedicated Q&A session designed to ensure your progress and deepen your understanding.

What's included in the £222 Conversion Catalyst package?

The £222 Conversion Catalyst package is designed for those who are committed to an in-depth understanding of sales copy for their coaching or therapy business. It includes everything in the previous tiers plus an exclusive 45-minute consultation tailored to your business needs. This one-on-one session is focused on providing customised strategies to propel your business growth.

Is the 45-minute consultation in the £333 package focused on my specific needs?

Absolutely. This premium session is solely tailored to your unique challenges and aims to provide you with customised strategies to boost your sales and business growth. It offers a confidential setting to explore any specific challenges you may have.

Are there any resources provided to accompany the masterclass?</p> <p>

Yes, you will be provided with supporting resources such as a workbook, slides, and a template to facilitate your learning and application of the concepts discussed in the masterclass.

About Wendy kier

As a visionary founder, dedicated coach, and tireless advocate for women, Wendy Kier is the epitome of a multi-dimensional leader. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum—from personalised coaching and mentoring to cutting-edge AI technology—reflecting her commitment to having a transformative impact on both her clients and the coaching industry at large.

Wendy’s approach is uniquely comprehensive and uplifting, designed to empower women at all stages of their life and career. She offers a range of services tailored to the needs of her diverse clientele. These include 1:1 VIP deep-dive immersions, expertly crafted masterclasses, and invaluable book-writing guidance. Always at the forefront of innovation, Wendy’s focus extends to pioneering methodologies and signature programmes that not only foster growth but also leave a lasting legacy.

But her prowess doesn’t stop at business leadership. Wendy also stands as a formidable social advocate. She directs She’s Confident Coaching and has a pronounced focus on tackling issues of abuse and trauma. This additional dimension to her professional profile reveals her intrinsic commitment to nurturing a compassionate and empowering community.

In a world longing for change, Wendy Kier emerges as a true catalyst. She is not merely committed to doing business but is invested in enriching the world, one coaching programme at a time. When you engage with Wendy, you’re not just receiving a service; you’re becoming a part of a vision—a vision that is as informative as it is inspirational.

If you’re looking for a coach who combines business acumen with a heartfelt mission, you’ve found her. Wendy Kier is not just building businesses; she’s building futures. Whether you’re a potential client, partner, or collaborator, you’re sure to find her dedication to female empowerment, business excellence, and social advocacy both enlightening and inspiring.

Disclaimer: Wendy Kier is an independent entity and is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with ChatGPT, Clipdrop.co or Stable Diffusion. Any references to ChatGPT, Clipdrop.co or Stable Diffusion on this website are for informational purposes only and do not imply a partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by ChatGPT, Clipdrop.co or Stable Diffusion. Please note that there is no refund on this masterclass.