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The Digital Art Goddess and Her Peacock Tapestry – 15 Captivating Creations.

It’s quite the journey I’m on with Dall-E 3, and I’m finally starting to see the fruits of my patience. It’s interesting how at first, one AI can take the lead, yet with time and persistence, another catches up—almost as if it’s learning from my feedback, inching closer to my vision with each new prompt. That’s exactly what’s happening with Dall-E 3; it’s as if it’s beginning to ‘get’ me, to understand the nuances of what I’m after.

Initially, I was quite impressed with CLIPDROP; it was quick off the mark, generating beautiful graphics straight away. But as my vision expanded, as the prompts grew more complex, I could see it struggling to keep up, missing out on key elements like the peacock feathers. This isn’t really a surprise; after all, each AI has its unique quirks and ways of processing our requests. It’s a reminder that even in the realm of advanced technology, there is a need for that human touch, for guidance to steer the creation process in the right direction.

My approach is very much like that of an artist with a canvas, the first strokes rarely revealing the final picture. It’s an evolution, a series of iterations where each one takes you closer to what you hold in your mind’s eye. And it’s so similar to the personal and professional development journeys I guide people through in my mentoring—every attempt, every version is part of the learning curve, a building block to that ultimate expression of vision and intent.

This creative process I’m engaged in, it’s a dance of persistence and fine-tuning. Every image that doesn’t quite make it isn’t a failure; it’s a stepping stone, a piece of the puzzle that guides me to where I need to go. It’s a beautiful metaphor for growth and resilience—concepts I hold dear in my mentoring work. Each new image is a step forward, each one tells a story, each one is a snapshot of evolution, both for the AI and for myself.

And isn’t that the beauty of AI? Its ability to adapt and learn with each interaction, much like we do. It’s about keeping at it, trusting in the process, and knowing that with each attempt, I’m edging closer to creating something that resonates, something that perfectly encapsulates the message I wish to share. 


As for CLIPDROP, I start there, crafting my prompt with care, setting the stage before I bring in Dall-E 3. It’s the foundation of my process, and while it’s been producing some stunning visuals, it’s clear I need to nudge it more to capture every element of my complex vision. Those peacock feathers need to make their presence felt, after all.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock ClipDrop

Wendy Kier AI ART 5/11/2023

I’ve found a handy trick when I’m using CLIPDROP. If I change the order of the keywords in the prompt, I can steer the focus of the image I’m creating. It’s like the AI thinks the first thing I list is the most important. So, when I want those peacock feathers to really stand out, I just put them at the start of my prompt. Changing up the art style in my instructions helps too. Doing this gets me a picture that’s a lot closer to what I had in mind.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock ClipDrop

Even though these images have everything I asked for—the sun, the tattoos, the age lines, and the peacock feathers—they’re still not quite right. I’m just not connecting with them emotionally, which means I don’t really want to use them yet.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock ClipDrop

I’ve even switched up the style to diamond art, which I absolutely love, hoping that would make a difference. But it’s still falling short for me. CLIPDROP has churned out some gorgeous pictures, don’t get me wrong, but they’re just not hitting the spot. They’re not what I’m looking for. It’s like I’m on a quest for that perfect piece that not only looks the part but feels it too, and I haven’t found it yet.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, low poly, Dall e 3

Dall-E 3

Switching over to Dall-E 3 with the same prompts was an interesting shift. As much as I appreciate the output, the images aren’t quite hitting the mark for me either. Dall-E 3 has this literal way of interpreting prompts—you ask for a 50-year-old woman with tattoos and peacock feathers under a bright sun, and it will give you exactly that. But it doesn’t necessarily weave those elements into a piece of art; it feels more like it’s just ticking boxes.

For me, the distinction between a simple image and a piece of art is significant. Art should have depth, emotion, and connection, which isn’t always achieved by simply arranging elements together on a canvas. It feels like the key aspects I’ve highlighted have just been placed onto the image without the depth I’m seeking.

This process of prompt refinement is certainly a test of patience. It takes time to experiment and play with the AI to bring it closer to what you envision. And sure, it can be downright frustrating when the vision in your head doesn’t match the output you’re getting. But the key is persistence—continuing to create, adjust, and stay engaged with the process. It’s in this creative space, in the midst of trial and error, that I’ll eventually find the piece that resonates with me.

I’ve noticed something about Dall-E 3: the women it comes up with often look a lot like ones I’ve made in the past. It’s as if the AI remembers and recycles pieces of my previous designs. This could be why the images seem a bit too familiar for my taste.

On the other hand, CLIPDROP seems to have a real talent for creating completely new images every time I use it. Every result feels fresh and original, and that’s really important to me. I love that it can surprise me with something unique, giving me that sense of novelty I’m after in my work. It’s one of the reasons I keep turning to CLIPDROP when I want to capture something truly different and innovative.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

Wendy Kier AI ART 4/11/2023

I’ve even added a ‘Tree of Life’ to my prompts, hoping it would bring more depth and help the peacock element to blend more naturally into the image. But it still feels like I’m ending up with images that are a bit too ‘copy and paste’. Despite my efforts to introduce more complexity and layers, the results don’t quite escape that flat, assembled look. It’s as though the AI is just stacking features on top of each other, rather than integrating them into a seamless whole.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

I’ve been playing around with the art styles in my prompts, trying everything from Art Nouveau and Impressionism to Surrealism and Romanticism. I’m hoping that by specifying these distinct styles, I can guide the AI towards creating images with the particular aesthetic and emotional qualities those movements are known for. Each style brings its own flavor, its own history of artistic expression, and I’m curious to see if this can inject that missing depth and cohesion into the images I’m working to create. It’s all about finding the right brush stroke, the right colour palette, the right mood that resonates with the vision I have in my mind.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

At last, it feels like I’m making real progress. There’s this image on the right that I’ve completely fallen for. So, with a spark of inspiration, I request a new image from the AI, this time without the split, trying to capture that same magic.

But here’s where I hit a snag, one that many don’t quite grasp. There’s this notion that AI-generated images can be replicated at will, as if the AI is a copier that can spit out duplicates. But the reality is far from it. Despite asking for a similar image, the new creation is nothing like the one I adore.

It’s a striking demonstration of how each instruction I give to the AI results in a different interpretation. It’s not a simple matter of copy and paste; each result is its own unique rendition. This unpredictability is both a wonder and a hurdle of working with AI in art. It makes me appreciate the images that do resonate all the more, knowing how rare and special they are.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

Taking the image that has captured my affection, I’ve ventured further, requesting it to be reimagined in watercolour. This subtle shift seems promising—the fluidity of watercolour appears to bring everything together more harmoniously. The peacock feathers now seem to weave into the composition naturally, becoming part of the fabric of the image rather than just an addition.

Watercolor has this gentle, blending quality that seems to soften the edges and merge the elements in a way that other styles haven’t. It’s like watching separate notes come together into a chord, each piece maintaining its identity but also contributing to a collective beauty. This feels like a step closer to the vision dancing in my mind, the image not just an assembly of parts, but a cohesive, integrated whole.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

Shifting gears, I request the AI to reinterpret the image in diamond art, which happens to be one of my favourite mediums. There’s something about the precision and sparkle of diamond art that resonates with me—it brings a tactile dimension and a sense of luxury to the visual experience.

As the new rendition comes to life, I can see the difference this style makes. The facets of diamond art add a new layer of texture and depth, enhancing the image’s character. It’s like each tiny diamond catches a part of the story I want to tell, reflecting it back with added brilliance and complexity.

This brings me closer to the essence of what I’m looking for. It’s a process, a dance with the AI, where I’m slowly leading it to the crescendo of my vision. The satisfaction of seeing my ideas crystallise into this particular form is a testament to the creative partnership I’m fostering with the technology at my fingertips.

Wendy Kier, AI Art, a female goddess, Peacock Dall-E 3

I’m nearly there, but the image still isn’t quite capturing the sparkling essence of diamond art that I’m so fond of. So I delve back into the creative process, requesting a recreation that truly mirrors the craft of diamond art, with all its glittering precision.

I’m looking for that specific shimmer, where the image is pieced together with countless shiny facets, each reflecting light like tiny diamonds. This isn’t just about visual appeal; it’s about embodying the meticulous and reflective beauty that diamond art represents.

As I refine my request, I’m guiding the AI closer to that distinctive shine and texture, hoping to see my vision come alive with the same vibrancy and radiance that diamond art holds in reality. This is a detailed and delicate balance to strike, and I’m eager to see if the AI can encapsulate the depth and brilliance that I’m searching for.

It’s a fresh approach I’m taking now—I’ve decided to alter the size of the image, opting for a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio. This wider format could significantly alter the artwork’s impact, stretching the canvas to give a more expansive view, much like watching a film on the big screen.

By changing the dimensions, I’m curious to see how the composition will adapt. The broader scope might lend a new perspective to the artwork, allowing the elements to breathe and interact in a more dynamic space. It’s an experiment to see if this will bring that grand, immersive quality to the piece, making the details of the diamond art shine with a new kind of storytelling depth.

The anticipation of how this adjustment will translate through the AI’s creative process is palpable. Will the cinematic width add that extra layer of drama and spectacle I’m craving? There’s only one way to find out. 

Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock

At long last, I’ve crafted an AI-generated image that truly resonates with me on an emotional level. It’s more than just pixels on a screen; it’s a reflection of a vision that’s deeply personal and significant. The journey here, through trial and error, through shifts in style, aspect ratio, and medium, has culminated in a piece that speaks to my heart.

With this connection established, I’m now inspired to create a series of images along the same theme. There’s a narrative unfolding, one that’s uniquely mine yet universal enough to engage others. Today’s favourite piece has set the benchmark, a beacon that will guide the creation of its companions in this new collection. 

Each image will carry a thread of the emotion and style that made today’s work stand out. While this particular image holds a special place as a favourite, the potential to build upon its theme and explore its facets in a series is an exciting prospect. The satisfaction of this moment is a reminder of why I persist through the challenges of AI artistry—it’s for the breakthroughs that bring art to life and life to art. 

Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock
Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock

Why stop at the familiar boundaries of conventional shapes? I found myself contemplating, “What if this image, already so rich in detail and connection, was encased within a circle?” The very thought sparked a wave of possibility within me.

Encapsulating the image in a circle could add an entirely new dimension of meaning and aesthetics. Circles are universal symbols: they represent wholeness, infinity, and unity. Placing my artwork within this continuous loop might suggest an eternal quality, a sense of being complete and self-contained.

As I instruct the AI to redefine the artwork’s borders, to nestle it within the bounds of a perfect loop, I’m intrigued by the potential transformation. How will this change the interaction of elements? Will the tattoos, the peacock feathers, and the sun gain new significance when framed by such a potent symbol?

This isn’t just an experiment in form; it’s a philosophical exploration. By circling back to the core, to the heart of the image, I’m wrapping my vision in the cosmos’ embrace, seeking to capture a snapshot of the infinite in a single, circular breath of art.

Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacpack
Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock
Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock
Wendy Kier Digital Art Goddess Peacock

AI Art Creation: Key Learning Points

Reflecting on the entire process of creating AI-generated images and striving for that emotional connection, several key learning points emerge:

  1. Iteration is Essential: The journey to the perfect AI-generated image is often through trial and improvement. Each iteration brings you closer to what you envision.
  2. Clarity of Vision: Being clear about what you want to achieve helps guide the AI. However, you must also be open to surprises that might take you in a new, often rewarding direction.
  3. Detail in Direction: The more specific the input, the closer the output will match your intentions. This includes being precise with styles, elements, and emotional tone.
  4. Understanding AI’s Interpretation: AIs can interpret instructions literally. Learning how each AI tool perceives and executes commands helps in tailoring prompts for better outcomes.
  5. Embracing the Unpredictable: AI art creation is inherently unpredictable. Embracing this fact allows for a more fluid and explorative creative process.
  6. Complexity Management: Balancing the complexity of your request with the AI’s capabilities is crucial. Sometimes simplifying elements or focusing on one aspect at a time can yield better results.
  7. Experiment with Formats: Changing the aspect ratio or shape (like the circle) can dramatically alter the artwork’s impact, offering new perspectives and meanings.
  8. Persistence Through Frustration: Creative work with AI can be frustrating, but persistence and patience often lead to breakthroughs.
  9. Unique AI Capabilities: Different AI tools have unique strengths and weaknesses. Combining their capabilities or choosing the right one for a particular aspect can be more effective.
  10. Emotional Resonance: Ultimately, the goal is to create something that resonates on an emotional level, not just technically impressive. Keep striving for that personal connection with your art.

Each point represents a step on the path to mastering AI art creation—a journey that blends technology with the timeless human quest for expression and connection. 

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