Unlock Your Impact: Master the Art of Medium-Sized Books for Coaching Success

Welcome, fellow coaches and aspiring authors! I’m excited to share a valuable insight that has the potential to transform not only the way you approach writing but also how you envision your business growth. I’ve recently delved into a remarkable revelation that I believe holds the key to unlocking your path to success. You see, traditional wisdom might lead us to think that longer is always better – that a substantial word count is the measure of a great book. But here’s what I’ve learned: greatness isn’t solely measured in length; it’s about the impact you create.

In my journey, I’ve authored books ranging from 20,000 to 35,000 words, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible potential of crafting concise yet powerful works. It was during a recent project, where I transformed a half-hour interview into a compelling 10,000-word book on a pressing issue like child trafficking, that this lesson truly crystallised. I realised that a book’s strength lies not in its length, but in its ability to guide, inform, and inspire.

Imagine creating a focused, impactful book that guides your readers with precision, adding tremendous value without overwhelming them. Think about the possibility of crafting a potent guide that complements your existing offerings, delivering insights that resonate deeply with your audience. This isn’t about sacrificing depth; it’s about distilling your expertise into a format that truly connects and empowers.

I’ll be sharing my journey, strategies, and proven methods that will help you craft these transformative medium-sized books. Together, we’ll navigate the world of impactful writing, branding, and business growth. Whether you’re a coach seeking to expand your reach, an entrepreneur wanting to establish authority, or someone passionate about making a difference through your words – this training is designed for you.

Over the course of [training duration], I’ll address common concerns and provide actionable solutions. We’ll tackle objections like time constraints, financial investments, and relevance to your specific niche. I’ll guide you in conquering the fear of overwhelm, building confidence in your writing abilities, and standing out in a competitive market.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower you to create a significant impact on your coaching business. By embracing the power of concise yet impactful writing, you’ll be equipped to guide your readers and drive your business forward. Together, let’s uncover the potential of the medium-sized book and embark on a journey of growth, knowledge, and transformation.”

Absolutely, addressing these concerns is crucial to encouraging potential attendees like you to participate in our training. Here’s how I would personally address each objection:

Coach to Author

Time Commitment:

I completely understand the demands on your schedule. That’s why our training is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. I’ve broken down the content into manageable modules, so even if you’re a busy coach, you can easily fit learning into your daily routine.

Financial Investment:

I know that any investment needs to deliver value. Our training is an investment in your business’s future success. Through proven strategies and insights, you’ll gain tools that will elevate your coaching practice, leading to a significant return on your investment.



Regardless of your coaching niche, this training is tailored to accommodate various fields. The core principles of effective writing, branding, and business growth are universally applicable, empowering coaches from all specialties to leverage their unique expertise.

Value Proposition:

I assure you that our training goes beyond generic advice. You’ll gain exclusive insights and actionable strategies that you won’t find elsewhere. The comprehensive content is aimed at not only expanding your understanding but also helping you implement real changes that drive results.

Immediate Results:

While instant success is rare, the strategies I’ll share are designed to yield noticeable progress within a reasonable timeframe. My approach combines short-term wins with building a foundation for sustainable growth over time.


I understand that adding new initiatives can be overwhelming. That’s why I provide step-by-step guidance throughout the training, ensuring that you can implement the strategies at your own pace. Plus, I offer ongoing support to help you navigate any challenges that arise.

Skill Level:

I want you to know that this training caters to coaches at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned pro, the content is structured to provide value to everyone. I truly believe in the power of continuous learning and growth.


The strategies I’ll share have already transformed the businesses of countless coaches. Testimonials from previous participants highlight their successes, and I’ll proudly showcase these stories to demonstrate the real impact of my training.

Lack of Confidence:

If writing feels daunting, I’m here to build your confidence. I provide practical exercises, templates, and guidance that will make the process feel more approachable and achievable for you.

Other Priorities:

I understand the balancing act of priorities. This training is designed to seamlessly fit into your schedule, offering valuable insights that can enhance your existing projects and contribute to your overall business goals.


With the growing number of authors, standing out is crucial. My training equips you with not only writing skills but also branding and marketing strategies that will help you differentiate yourself and attract your ideal audience.

Remember, my goal is to empower you to create a meaningful impact on your coaching business. I’m fully committed to your growth and success, and I’m excited to personally guide you on this journey to becoming a published author and a thriving business leader.

Benefits of Medium-Sized Books

Medium-sized books offer a unique blend of advantages that cater to both authors and readers. These books, with their carefully calibrated length, strike an artful balance between depth and brevity, resulting in a reading experience that is both engaging and impactful. Let’s explore the key benefits of opting for medium-sized books:

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Depth without Overwhelm:

Medium-sized books allow authors to delve into topics with a level of depth that ensures thorough exploration while avoiding the risk of overwhelming readers. This is particularly valuable when addressing complex subjects or offering comprehensive guidance. The book’s manageable length encourages readers to engage more deeply with the content, enhancing their understanding and retention.

Focused Message Delivery:

Crafting a medium-sized book compels authors to distill their message to its essence. This encourages clarity and precision in conveying ideas, making it easier for readers to grasp the core concepts. By focusing on key messages, authors can effectively communicate their expertise and insights without dilution.

Reader Accessibility:

The accessibility of medium-sized books is a significant advantage. Readers today often lead busy lives, and the thought of committing to a lengthy tome can be daunting. Medium-sized books provide a solution by offering a meaningful reading experience that fits into their schedules. This accessibility encourages a wider range of readers to engage with your content.

Engagement and Completion:

A medium-sized book is more likely to be read from cover to cover. Readers are more inclined to finish a book that doesn’t require a substantial time commitment. This higher likelihood of completion means that your message is more likely to be fully absorbed by your audience, increasing the impact of your work.

Time-Efficient Writing:

For authors, writing a medium-sized book is a focused endeavour. The length constraints necessitate efficient use of words and careful selection of content. This can streamline the writing process, allowing authors to create impactful works without getting lost in excessive details or tangents.

Diverse Reading Formats:

Medium-sized books are versatile in terms of consumption. They can be comfortably read in one or a few sittings, making them suitable for both immersive reading sessions and quick reference. This versatility extends to digital formats, where readers can access your content on various devices without feeling overwhelmed.

Complementary Offerings:

Medium-sized books can serve as valuable companions to other offerings you have, such as coaching services, workshops, or online courses. They provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise and establish authority in a format that aligns with different learning preferences.

Less Intimidating for New Authors:

If you’re a new author, the prospect of writing a full-length book might be intimidating. Medium-sized books offer a more approachable entry point into the world of publishing. This can boost your confidence, allowing you to build a reader base and establish yourself as an expert.

In summary, medium-sized books present a wealth of benefits that extend to both authors and readers. Their ability to strike a balance between depth and brevity makes them an ideal format for effectively communicating ideas, guiding readers, and making a lasting impact. Whether you’re an established author or embarking on your first writing journey, medium-sized books offer a powerful tool for sharing your expertise and connecting with your audience.

Effective Strategies to Sell Medium-Sized Books

For coaches aspiring to grow their businesses, the process of selling medium-sized books offers a realm of possibilities. These strategies not only ensure the reach and impact of your book but also pave the way for diverse avenues of audience engagement. From harnessing the potential of your website and established online platforms to fostering innovative collaborations and tailoring promotions, the landscape is both promising and enriching. In this guide, we will delve into an array of strategies designed to elevate the sales of your medium-sized books, enabling you to forge connections with readers, establish your authority, and enrich your coaching enterprise.

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Versatile Training Format

Tailored to the dynamic lives of busy coaches striving to nurture their businesses, the training’s versatile format stands as a beacon of adaptability. With a design that acknowledges the time constraints inherent in the coaching journey, this format offers a flexible framework that seamlessly integrates into demanding schedules. Broken down into easily digestible modules, each segment becomes a stepping stone on the path of learning and growth. Participants are bestowed with the autonomy to traverse this journey at their own pace, unfettered by rigid timelines.

The crux of this training is not only immediate gratification but also the establishment of enduring foundations. While short-term victories are celebrated, the overarching focus is on sowing the seeds for long-term expansion. The training synthesises the essence of timely accomplishments with the significance of building a sustainable growth trajectory. It is a symphony of attainable milestones harmonising with the symphony of forging a robust business legacy.

In the grand tapestry of career elevation, this versatile training format becomes an instrument of empowerment. It resonates as an invitation, beckoning coaches to curate their learning journey in harmony with their individual rhythms. As schedules ebb and flow, the training remains a steadfast companion, ensuring that growth knows no bounds.

Long-Term Business Growth

At the heart of this transformative training lies the aspiration for sustained business expansion. The training’s overarching goal is to empower coaches with the tools and insights to effect a profound impact on their coaching enterprises. By embracing the artistry of concise yet impactful writing, coaches are equipped not merely as authors but as architects of their businesses’ ascent.

The power of words, harnessed with precision, becomes a vehicle for coaches to guide their readers through profound transformations. This transcendence of words extends into the realm of business, where the impact ripples outward. As coaches harness the capacity to resonate deeply with their readers, this resonance echoes in their coaching practices. A captivating book becomes a conduit for elevating brand recognition, engaging clients, and fostering long-lasting relationships.

With each well-crafted sentence, coaches unveil their unique narratives, setting themselves apart in a sea of voices. This distinction is the cornerstone of long-term growth, as it draws an audience that aligns with the coach’s expertise and values. The training fosters a strategic synergy between writing prowess and entrepreneurial vision, offering coaches the means to drive their businesses forward with both intention and impact.

As coaches embrace concise yet impactful writing, their books transcend the role of mere literary works. They become beacons of insight, engagement, and connection. The words written within these pages find resonance with readers, elevating their understanding, and amplifying the coach’s influence.

In the realm of business growth, this training transcends the conventional. It is not merely about selling books; it is about crafting a legacy that extends beyond the final page. It is about igniting a spark that propels coaches towards a future where their words not only transform lives but also lay the foundation for an enduring and thriving coaching enterprise.

Establishing Credibility, Likability, and Trust

In the realm of coaching, success pivots on the pillars of credibility, likability, and trust. This triad forms the bedrock upon which coaching businesses flourish and thrive. For coaches seeking to cultivate a lasting impact and foster meaningful growth, the mastery of these elements is essential. 

Embracing Continuous Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of coaching, the ethos of continuous learning stands as an unwavering beacon guiding coaches towards growth and excellence. This training, thoughtfully crafted, extends its embrace to coaches at every juncture of their careers. It serves as a testament to the profound impact of perpetual learning on the journey of business expansion.

For those venturing into the realm of writing, the training extends a nurturing hand. It provides a compass, steering novices through the intricacies of crafting impactful content. Through practical exercises and insightful guidance, new authors unfurl their wings, equipped with the tools to express their insights coherently and compellingly. The training is a realm of empowerment, offering fledgling writers the chance to transform their thoughts into eloquent prose, resonating deeply with their audience.

Yet, the allure of this training transcends the boundaries of experience. Even seasoned authors find themselves drawn into its embrace. The training serves as a haven where growth knows no bounds, refining the prowess of those who have long commanded the written word. It ignites innovation and rekindles the flame of curiosity. Through its dynamic modules, experienced authors uncover fresh perspectives, refining their craft and elevating their impact.

At its heart, this training resonates with the profound wisdom that learning is not a destination, but an unending voyage. It embodies the sentiment that the pursuit of mastery is a journey woven into the very fabric of success. As coaches embrace the power of continuous learning, they step into a realm of perpetual growth. In this journey, they find not only the mastery of concise yet impactful writing but also the embodiment of the transformative power of knowledge.

ChatGPT Key Insights

Key Insights and Learning Points

Within the realm of coaching, growth is not solely confined to clients’ journeys but extends to coaches themselves. The key insights and learning points distilled from the provided text serve as a compass for those seeking to expand their coaching businesses with efficacy and authenticity. Beyond the conventional emphasis on book length, these insights reveal the profound impact that transcends mere page count. The revelation of crafting medium-sized books, with their delicate equilibrium of depth and conciseness, unveils a dynamic avenue for coaches to channel their expertise with precision.

The transformative potential embedded in concise writing echoes through the author’s personal odyssey—a 10,000-word opus unveiling a pressing issue. This journey affirms the axiom that a book’s potency emanates not from its length, but from its capacity to guide, enlighten, and spark inspiration. The finesse of guiding readers with precision is intrinsic to medium-sized books, cultivating an immersive experience that refrains from inundation. Such an approach becomes an orchestration of value for diverse learning proclivities, fitting seamlessly into the tapestry of coaching offerings.

The tapestry continues to unfurl as the text addresses common qualms and concerns, infusing the narrative with practical solutions. Time constraints, financial considerations, niche relevance, and the quest for effectiveness are met head-on, fostering a reassuring environment for potential participants. With a foundation rooted in nurturing confidence, the training reverberates across the spectrum of skill levels. Through tailored exercises, templates, and mentorship, the endeavor to write becomes accessible and empowering.

From the vantage point of diversity, the training is not a monolith but a sanctuary for coaches seeking multifaceted growth. Whether traversing the landscape to broaden outreach, cultivating entrepreneurial eminence, or igniting change through written word, the content aligns with diverse aspirations. Within the labyrinth of specialties, coaches from myriad domains find their resonance in this holistic training, a true testament to its inclusive design.

Central to this narrative is the symbiotic relationship between the art of concise writing and business evolution. With the training’s compass in hand, coaches embark on a journey of empowerment. Flexible yet methodical, the training unwraps its wisdom in manageable modules, inviting participants to navigate the path at their own pace. The emphasis is not only on immediate gratification but on the cultivation of foundations that stand the test of time. This approach births a harmonious symphony of short-term achievements complemented by the symphony of enduring growth.

The crescendo of this transformative journey reverberates with the vision of sustainable business expansion. The training’s mission transcends the role of an instructional manual, embracing the mantle of an enabler for holistic growth. The power of concise yet impactful writing emerges not as an isolated skill but as a fulcrum for entrepreneurial ascendancy. As coaches wield the quill, they navigate the realm of entrepreneurship with intention and impact, carving their legacies with every word.

In a world that orbits around credibility, likability, and trust, coaches become architects of connection through the prism of the written word. Through their narratives, they establish their authority, craft affinity, and foster enduring trust. The training unfurls as a conduit for crafting not just books, but blueprints for triumphant coaching enterprises. Within its embrace, coaches etch pathways to growth that are steeped in resonance, relevance, and authenticity.

Amidst this voyage, one eternal truth emerges—learning knows no bounds. For the novices, the training is a nurturing cradle, guiding them through the intricacies of impactful writing. Yet, its embrace extends to the experienced, rekindling the flames of curiosity and innovation. This training stands as a testament to the axiom that learning is not a destination but an ever-evolving journey. Within its dynamic modules, coaches unearth not only the mastery of writing but the art of perpetual growth.

In summary, the insights gleaned from the provided text unveil a transformative narrative. This narrative illuminates the potency of concise writing, encapsulated in the realm of medium-sized books. As coaches embark on this journey, they tread paths paved with precision, resonance, and authenticity. Through these insights, coaches embrace a transformative truth—the journey of growth is not limited to clients but extends to the coaches themselves. As they master the art of concise yet impactful writing, they emerge not only as authors but as architects of profound transformation within their coaching enterprises.

Coach to Author Crafting Your Signature Book from Training

Coach to Author: Crafting Your Signature Book from Training

Are you a coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from your training, masterclasses, and webinars? Have you always dreamt of turning your insights into a powerful book that showcases your unique coaching approach? If so, look no further! Join our exclusive workshop and unleash your writing potential with the ChatGPT Author Creation Formula.

Unleash Your Writing Potential in Just 2-Hours Masterclass

In just two-Hours days, we will guide you through a transformative journey to craft your signature book with ease and confidence. Our carefully curated program will empower you to share your coaching wisdom with the world through the written word.

Empowering Coaches to Rapidly Transition into Published Authors

As a coach, you possess a treasure trove of insights that can profoundly impact the lives of your readers. We believe that every coach deserves the opportunity to become a published author and elevate their influence in the coaching community.

Turn Your Training, Masterclasses, and Webinars into a Book

The expertise you’ve gained from your training, masterclasses, and webinars is invaluable. Our workshop will show you how to seamlessly transform this knowledge into a cohesive and impactful book that resonates with your audience.

Join us at and take the first step towards crafting your signature book. Empower yourself to leave a lasting legacy and inspire countless individuals through your words. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your coaching expertise and create a book that leaves a lasting impact on your readers’ lives.

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How can I message you?

Feel free to reach out to me through the messaging platform provided. I’m here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the training.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. Is this training flexible for my busy schedule?

      Absolutely! The training is designed with your flexibility in mind. You can learn at your own pace, and the content is broken down into manageable modules, making it easy to fit into your daily routine.

    2. What is the financial investment for this training?

      Our training is an investment in your business’s future success. By gaining valuable insights and strategies, you’ll experience a significant return on your investment.

  1. How can this training help me stand out in a competitive market?

    You’ll gain not only writing skills but also branding and marketing strategies, helping you differentiate yourself and attract your ideal audience.

Remember, the goal is to empower you to create a meaningful impact on your coaching business. I’m fully committed to your growth and success, and I’m excited to personally guide you on this journey to becoming a published author and a thriving business leader.

Benefits of Medium-Sized Books

Medium-sized books offer a unique blend of advantages that cater to both authors and readers. These books, with their carefully calibrated length, strike an artful balance between depth and brevity, resulting in a reading experience that is both engaging and impactful. Let’s explore the key benefits of opting for medium-sized books:

    • Depth without Overwhelm: Medium-sized books allow authors to delve into topics with a level of depth that ensures thorough exploration while avoiding the risk of overwhelming readers.
    • Less Intimidating for New Authors: Medium-sized books offer an approachable entry into publishing, boosting confidence.

In summary, medium-sized books offer a powerful tool for sharing expertise and connecting with an audience, striking a balance between depth and brevity.

Effective Strategies to Sell Medium-Sized Books

For coaches aspiring to grow their businesses, selling medium-sized books offers diverse avenues of audience engagement. Harnessing websites, online platforms, collaborations, and promotions enriches the sales of your medium-sized books, forging connections with readers, establishing authority, and enriching your coaching enterprise.

Versatile Training Format

Tailored to busy coaches, the training’s versatile format seamlessly integrates into schedules. Broken into digestible modules, participants learn at their own pace, sowing seeds for long-term growth.

Long-Term Business Growth

The training empowers coaches with tools for lasting business expansion, utilizing concise writing to engage clients and foster relationships.

Establishing Credibility, Likability, and Trust

Coaching success relies on credibility, likability, and trust. Mastery of these elements is crucial for coaches to cultivate a lasting impact and meaningful growth.

Embracing Continuous Learning

The training welcomes coaches at all career stages, empowering novices and refining seasoned authors. Continuous learning is a journey of perpetual growth. 

Wendy Kier Sitting on the Beach

About Wendy Kier

Wendy Kier specializes in empowering women to create legacy signature coaching programs and utilize AI to grow their businesses. With her expertise, she guides aspiring coaches in developing unique methodologies that leave a lasting impact on their respective fields.

Through her coaching, women learn how to craft their legacy signature programs, elevating their coaching businesses and making a profound difference in the lives of their clients. These programs are designed to stand the test of time, leaving a lasting positive mark on the coaching industry.

Wendy believes so strongly in empowering women that she is also the Director of She’s Confident Coaching, training dedicated to helping women realize their full potential and build successful coaching businesses.

In addition to coaching, Wendy has established the AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub, a dedicated platform that provides valuable resources and support. Here, coaches can learn how to leverage AI to reach a wider audience, attract more clients, and establish themselves as leaders in their industry. The AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub equips coaches with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age and stay ahead of the competition.

Wendy’s passion for empowering women extends beyond her work with coaches. She also endeavors to raise awareness about abuse and trauma through her writing. By addressing these critical issues and supporting survivors on their healing journey, she aims to foster a compassionate and understanding community.

With her combined efforts as a coach, entrepreneur, and author, Wendy is committed to creating a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy. Through her work, she inspires coaches to embrace innovation, stand out in their industry, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients. Wendy’s mission is to empower women to create their own success stories and make the world a better place, one coaching program at a time.