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From Broke to Consistent 5K Months Working Part-Time: A Business Coach’s Journey in High-Ticket Coaching

I’m Wendyke, a business coach specializing in high-ticket coaching. Allow me to take you through my journey – transforming my coaching business from earning very little to achieving consistent 5K months at the age of 50 through my signature coaching program. Let’s dive in!

The Struggle

For years, I grappled with selling personal and transformational coaching, including high-ticket coaching. To put it plainly, I struggled for about a decade in my business. But as I uncovered the steps I needed to take, my business began to flourish, and so did I.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

I encountered various challenges due to a lack of awareness about the skills necessary for high-ticket coaching. I was under the illusion that qualifications alone could sell coaching services. However, the reality was different. I faced difficulties in selling high-ticket coaching because I lacked sales skills, and I also struggled to dissociate my self-worth from my earnings.

The Turning Point

I transitioned from charging seven pounds for a membership website to setting a price of fifteen hundred pounds for clients to work with me on a one-on-one basis through my signature coaching program. While the membership website venture ended in failure, it was a valuable learning experience. A turning point came when I hit rock bottom and decided to invest in working with a business coach.

Creating a Signature Coaching Program

By testing the market and understanding the needs of potential clients, I developed a tailor-made signature coaching program that focused on high-ticket coaching. Clients wanted to learn about creating signature coaching programs, one-to-one intensives, group programs, and VIP days. As I honed my sales skills, I also engaged in a process of challenging and reshaping my beliefs about my own self-worth.

Success and Growth

I launched my signature coaching program to empower coaches, therapists, doctors, and subject matter experts in crafting their signature programs, all centered around high-ticket coaching. I initiated pricing at fifteen hundred pounds and was astonished by the ease with which I could sell it. From a meager seven-pound investment, I transitioned to enrolling clients in a premium program that commenced at 1500 pounds.

Marketing Strategies

I harnessed the power of online challenges and mini signature talks, strategically promoted through social media and email marketing campaigns, to effectively market my signature coaching program. Over time, this positioned me as a high-ticket coaching authority and consistently generated new leads, enabling me to consistently achieve and surpass the 5K goal every month.

Lessons Learned

I acquired valuable skills in creating sellable programs, crafting signature coaching programs, and executing effective marketing strategies. With growing confidence, I commenced my pricing journey at 1500 pounds and progressively increased it to 5000 pounds for one-on-one coaching. My heightened confidence enabled me to recognize the true value of the results, subsequently justifying the incremental price adjustments.


If my journey has inspired you, I’m eager to hear about your experiences in your high-ticket coaching business. Have you faced similar challenges or encountered specific issues? Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below. To receive more videos on nurturing your coaching business, particularly in the realm of high-ticket coaching and signature coaching programs, remember to subscribe to my channel, activate notifications, share your thoughts, and spread the positivity.

My Journey from Zero to 5k per Months and Beyond

Viewers of this video will learn:

1. Wendy Kier’s personal journey from earning minimal income to achieving a consistent 5,000 months at the age of 50.
2. The challenges she faced during her 10-year struggle in her coaching business.
3. The importance of learning essential business skills like selling, marketing, and creating compelling offers.
4. The negative impact of attaching self-esteem to earnings and the importance of valuing oneself.

5. The significance of niching and creating a strong offer in coaching.
6. The lessons learned from her failed attempt at a membership website, including the value of real-time interaction over pre-recorded content.
7. The decision to invest in a business coach and the strategies she employed to test the market, research audience needs, and understand the value of transformational results.
8. The process of creating a signature coaching program tailored to her audience’s needs.
9. Strategies for effectively marketing coaching services, such as online challenges, mini signature talks, and utilizing social media and email campaigns.
10. Building authority, establishing deeper client relationships, and consistently hitting the $5,000 monthly goal.
11. The progression from initially charging £1,500 to increasing prices over time as confidence grew and results were realized.
12. The importance of understanding one’s value and gradually raising prices to align with perceived worth.
13. Encouragement for viewers to share their own coaching business experiences and challenges.



Mapping Your High Ticket Coaching Success Journey


Part 1: Understanding the Struggle

  • Reflect: Write down the struggles you’ve faced in your high ticket coaching business. How long have you been facing these challenges?
  • Identify: What skills or knowledge are you lacking that might be contributing to these struggles?
  • Action Plan: Outline steps to overcome these challenges, such as seeking training, mentorship, or other resources.

Part 2: Value and Self-Worth in High Ticket Coaching

  • Reflect: How do you perceive the value of your high ticket coaching services? How is it tied to your self-esteem?
  • Identify: Have you ever struggled with pricing? What beliefs about money or self-worth might be holding you back?
  • Action Plan: Develop a strategy to separate your worth from your earnings and confidently price your high ticket coaching services.

Part 3: Creating a Signature Coaching Program

  • Reflect: What do your clients truly want? Have you considered creating a signature coaching program for high ticket coaching?
  • Identify: Research and test the market to understand what resonates with your target audience.
  • Action Plan: Outline the steps to create a signature coaching program, including content, pricing, and delivery methods.

Part 4: Marketing Strategies for Your Signature Coaching Program

  • Reflect: What marketing strategies have you used for your signature coaching program? What has worked, and what hasn’t?
  • Identify: Consider new strategies like online challenges, signature talks, or social media campaigns.
  • Action Plan: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with your brand and reaches your target audience.

Part 5: Lessons Learned and Growth in High Ticket Coaching

  • Reflect: What key lessons have you learned in your high ticket coaching journey? How have they contributed to your growth?
  • Identify: Recognise the turning points, successes, and failures that have shaped your business.
  • Action Plan: Create a roadmap for future growth, including goals, milestones, and strategies to achieve them.

Conclusion: Sharing and Reflection

  • Reflect: Review your insights and action plans from each part of the exercise.
  • Share: Consider sharing your journey and lessons learned with others, either through a blog post, video, or social media.
  • Commit: Make a commitment to implement your action plans and regularly review your progress.

This exercise encourages coaches to take a deep dive into their high ticket coaching business, reflecting on their struggles, understanding their value, creating a signature coaching program, developing effective marketing strategies, and learning from their journey. By following this guided exercise, they can gain clarity, inspiration, and a concrete plan to transform their coaching business, just as I did in my journey from £7 to consistent 5K months.

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Key Insights - Life Coaching Business


Introduction to High Ticket Coaching: The article introduces the concept of high ticket coaching and the author’s journey from earning very little to consistent 5K months at the age of 50 through a signature coaching program.

The Struggle: The author shares a 10-year struggle in selling personal and transformational coaching, including high ticket coaching, and how understanding the right approach led to business growth.

Challenges and Overcoming Them: The author faced challenges in selling high-ticket coaching due to a lack of skills and understanding of self-worth. The article emphasises the importance of knowing how to sell and separating self-worth from earnings.

The Turning Point: The author’s shift from charging a small amount for a membership website to charging £1500 for one-to-one coaching in a signature coaching program marked a significant turning point.

 Creating a Signature Coaching Program: The article details the process of testing the market, understanding client needs, and creating a signature coaching program tailored to high-ticket coaching.

Success and Growth: The author’s launch of a signature coaching program focusing on high ticket coaching led to success, with an initial price of £1500 and a surprising ease of selling.

Marketing Strategies: The author used online challenges, mini signature talks, social media, and email marketing to establish authority in high ticket coaching, consistently bringing in new leads.

Lessons Learned: The article shares lessons on creating a sellable program, marketing effectively, and confidently stating charges for high ticket coaching, with prices increasing as confidence and understanding of value grew.

Conclusion and Engagement: The author invites readers to share their own experiences in high-ticket coaching and encourages them to subscribe to the channel for more insights on growing a coaching business in the realm of high-ticket coaching and signature coaching programs

Video Section: A YouTube video link is provided, where the author shares personal experiences and insights into transforming a coaching business, focusing on high ticket coaching, and the creation of a signature coaching program.


What is high ticket coaching?

High ticket coaching refers to premium coaching services that are priced higher than standard coaching offerings, providing more personalized and intensive support.

How can I create a signature coaching program?

You can create a signature coaching program by understanding your target audience, defining your unique value proposition, creating tailored content, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

What are the benefits of a signature coaching program?

A signature coaching program allows you to showcase your expertise, attract ideal clients, and charge premium prices for personalized and transformative coaching experiences.

How can I reach you for more guidance?

You can reach me through the contact form on my website or by subscribing to my channel for regular updates and insights on high ticket coaching and signature coaching programs.

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About Wendy Kier

Wendy Kier specializes in empowering women to create legacy signature coaching programs and utilize AI to grow their businesses. With her expertise, she guides aspiring coaches in developing unique methodologies that leave a lasting impact on their respective fields.

Through her coaching, women learn how to craft their legacy signature programs, elevating their coaching businesses and making a profound difference in the lives of their clients. These programs are designed to stand the test of time, leaving a lasting positive mark on the coaching industry.

Wendy believes so strongly in empowering women that she is also the Director of She’s Confident Coaching, training dedicated to helping women realize their full potential and build successful coaching businesses.

In addition to coaching, Wendy has established the AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub, a dedicated platform that provides valuable resources and support. Here, coaches can learn how to leverage AI to reach a wider audience, attract more clients, and establish themselves as leaders in their industry. The AI Marketing Mastery Coaches Hub equips coaches with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age and stay ahead of the competition.

Wendy’s passion for empowering women extends beyond her work with coaches. She also endeavors to raise awareness about abuse and trauma through her writing. By addressing these critical issues and supporting survivors on their healing journey, she aims to foster a compassionate and understanding community.

With her combined efforts as a coach, entrepreneur, and author, Wendy is committed to creating a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy. Through her work, she inspires coaches to embrace innovation, stand out in their industry, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients. Wendy’s mission is to empower women to create their own success stories and make the world a better place, one coaching program at a time.