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The Challenges of Creating a Signature Programme with ChatGPT: A Constructive Critique


In the ever-evolving world of coaching, the difference between charging by the hour and charging for an outcome through a signature coaching programme is monumental. A signature coaching programme sets coaches apart, allowing them to put their money where their mouth is, to walk their talk, and to work towards specific results. It’s a transformative approach that transcends what I would call traditional coaching.

Charging by the hour, an old coaching and therapeutic model, is, in my opinion, outdated and can leave people financially strained. This is the opposite of what we aim to achieve, so why would anyone want that for themselves?

As a business mentor and coach who has worked with over 40 coaches to identify, create, and sell prime signature coaching programmes, I’ve seen firsthand the power of this approach. With countless videos and a book to my name, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering coaches to thrive.

But here’s where the plot thickens: I wanted to write this post to shed light on why it might be a bad idea to rely on ChatGPT to create a signature coaching programme for you. The whole point of a signature coaching programme is that it’s your very best work, reflecting your personality, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. It’s what you know gets results.

So, can a machine like ChatGPT really capture the essence of what makes your coaching unique? Let’s dive into the challenges and explore this intriguing question together.

What is a Signature Programme?

A signature programme is more than just a coaching method; it’s a distinctive approach that encapsulates a coach’s unique style, philosophy, and expertise. It’s the embodiment of what sets a coach apart from others in the field, delivering tailored outcomes rather than generic, hourly-based services.


Question: What specific outcomes do you aim to achieve with your signature coaching programme, and how do you ensure that the content is aligned with these goals?

Writing a signature coaching program

The Promise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, has been a remarkable tool for many, including myself, in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, especially when dealing with dyslexia. While it’s tempting to label some aspects as weaknesses, perhaps a more fitting term would be “limitations.” These limitations don’t diminish the value of ChatGPT but rather define the areas where human insight and creativity still reign supreme.


Question: How do you balance the efficiency of technology with the emotional depth and personal touch needed in a coaching programme?

The Challenges with ChatGPT in Creating a Signature Programme

  1. Lack of Colour and Emotional Depth
    • Issue: ChatGPT can create a comprehensive outline, but it may lack the heart, intention, and depth that a human coach brings. The programme might appear factual and cold, lacking greater insight and personal touch.
    • Example: As seen in the provided outline, the content is broad and informative but may lack the specific emotional resonance that connects with the individual needs and feelings of the clients.
    • Opportunity for Growth: Collaborating with human experts to infuse the programme with personal stories, emotions, and tailored insights can create a more engaging and empathetic experience.
  2. Overly Broad and Non-Specific Content
    • Issue: The programme created by ChatGPT may include too many big ideas, leading to overwhelm. It might not provide enough time for adaptation and breathing space, making the transformation process rushed.
    • Example: The transition from “Understanding Pregnancy” to “Nutrition and Wellness” to “Preparing for Birth” in just three weeks may not allow enough time for meaningful engagement and growth.
    • Opportunity for Growth: Working closely with human coaches to refine the content, focusing on specific outcomes, and allowing time for adaptation can create a more impactful and realistic programme.
  3. Lack of Personal Experience and Insight
    • Issue: What sells a signature coaching programme is often the person behind it, their life experience, and their unique approach. ChatGPT may lack this personal touch.
    • Example: The provided outline is comprehensive but may not reflect the unique voice, experience, and philosophy of the coach.
    • Opportunity for Growth: Integrating the coach’s personal stories, values, and methods into the programme can make it more authentic and relatable.
  4. Overly Factual and Theoretical
    • Issue: ChatGPT’s approach may be too factual and theoretical, lacking the emotional input that resonates with clients.
    • Example: The outline focuses on information and structure but may not delve into the emotional journey and personal transformation that clients seek.
    • Opportunity for Growth: Enhancing the programme with emotional narratives, interactive exercises, and personalised support can create a more engaging and transformative experience.

Question: How do you leverage multimedia content to create a more dynamic and immersive learning experience for your clients? 


Example of a Signature Coaching Programme Created by ChatGPT:

Signature Programme Outline: “Embracing Motherhood: A Journey to Confidence and Connection”

Module 1: Understanding Pregnancy

  • Week 1: The Miracle of Life
    • Introduction to pregnancy and the changes in the body.
    • Inspirational stories from experienced mothers.
    • Guided meditation to connect with the unborn child.
  • Week 2: Nutrition and Wellness
    • Tailored nutritional guidance for a healthy pregnancy.
    • Gentle exercise routines to maintain strength and flexibility.
    • Workshop on self-care and relaxation techniques.

Module 2: Preparing for Birth

  • Week 3: Birth Plans and Choices
    • Exploration of birthing options and creating a personalised birth plan.
    • Guest speakers including midwives and doulas.
    • Confidence-building exercises to alleviate fears and anxieties.
  • Week 4: Building a Support System
    • Strategies to engage partners, family, and friends in the pregnancy journey.
    • Group discussions and community building with fellow first-time mothers.
    • Emotional support and encouragement through shared experiences.

Module 3: Connecting with Your Unborn Child

  • Week 5: Bonding and Communication
    • Techniques for bonding with the unborn child through touch, voice, and music.
    • Creative expression through art and journaling.
    • Guided visualisations to deepen the connection.
  • Week 6: Preparing for Parenthood
    • Practical skills for caring for a newborn.
    • Exploration of parenting philosophies and finding your unique approach.
    • Celebration of the upcoming arrival and embracing the new role as a mother.

Additional Support:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Open forums for questions, sharing, and encouragement.
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Personalised support tailored to individual needs.
  • Resource Library: Access to books, videos, and tools to support the journey.
  • Community Forum: A safe space for ongoing connection, support, and inspiration.


This programme is more than a guide to pregnancy; it’s a celebration of the incredible journey into motherhood. By fostering a sense of confidence, security, and connection, first-time mothers will be well-equipped to embrace this beautiful phase of life with joy and grace. Together, we’ll create a community that uplifts and inspires, making this experience as fulfilling and empowering as possible.

Final Thoughts:

While ChatGPT is an incredible tool that offers extensive support in outlining programmes, it’s essential to recognise its limitations. By understanding these challenges, we can see them as opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and create programmes that are not only informative but also deeply resonant and transformative. By combining the efficiency of technology with the empathy, insight, and wisdom of human experience, we can create signature coaching programmes that truly empower and inspire.

How to write a signature coaching program with wendy kier

Possible Solutions and Alternatives

Creating a signature coaching programme that resonates with clients requires a blend of factual knowledge, emotional depth, and personal touch. While tools like ChatGPT offer valuable support in structuring and outlining content, they may fall short in capturing the human essence. Here are some possible solutions and alternatives to overcome these challenges, inspiring readers to think creatively and innovatively.


Question: In what ways have you sought guidance from mentors or experts in your field, and how has this collaboration enriched your coaching programme?

1. Collaborative Creation

  • Solution: Combine the efficiency of ChatGPT with the insights and experiences of human coaches.
  • How it Works: Use ChatGPT to draft the initial outline, then collaborate with experienced coaches to infuse personal stories, emotions, and tailored insights.
  • Inspiration: Embrace the synergy between technology and human creativity to craft programmes that are both informative and deeply resonant.

2. Focus on Specific Outcomes

  • Solution: Narrow down the focus of the programme to specific outcomes and transformations.
  • How it Works: Work closely with human experts to refine the content, focusing on targeted results, and allowing time for adaptation and growth.
  • Inspiration: Create impactful experiences by aligning the programme with the unique needs and aspirations of the clients.

3. Integration of Multimedia Content

  • Solution: Enhance the programme with multimedia content such as videos, podcasts, and interactive exercises.
  • How it Works: Utilise various media to present information in engaging ways, allowing for a more immersive and emotional connection.
  • Inspiration: Leverage the power of multimedia to bring the content to life, making the learning journey more dynamic and relatable.

4. Personalised Support and Community Building

  • Solution: Offer personalised support and community engagement alongside the programme.
  • How it Works: Provide one-on-one coaching sessions, group discussions, and community forums to foster connection and support.
  • Inspiration: Build a nurturing community that uplifts and inspires, creating a sense of belonging and encouragement.

5. Exploration of Alternative Tools

  • Solution: Explore other tools or methods specifically designed for creating coaching programmes.
  • How it Works: Research and experiment with tools that offer more tailored solutions for coaching, focusing on emotional intelligence, personalisation, and human connection.
  • Inspiration: Stay open to innovation and experimentation, finding the right blend of tools and methods that align with your unique coaching philosophy.

The challenges with using ChatGPT in creating a signature coaching programme are not roadblocks but rather stepping stones towards innovation and growth. By thinking creatively and embracing collaboration, personalisation, and multimedia engagement, we can craft programmes that not only inform but also inspire and transform. The journey towards creating a signature coaching programme is an opportunity to blend the best of technology with the warmth, wisdom, and empathy of human connection. Together, we can create experiences that empower individuals to embrace their unique paths with confidence and joy.

Question: How do you envision the future of coaching programmes, and what role do tools like ChatGPT play in shaping this future?


Creating a signature coaching programme is a journey filled with opportunities, challenges, and immense potential for growth. In this blog post, we’ve explored the complexities of using tools like ChatGPT in crafting a programme that resonates with clients.

  • Understanding the Challenges: We delved into the limitations of using ChatGPT, such as its lack of emotional depth, overly broad content, and the need for a more personalised touch.
  • Exploring Solutions and Alternatives: We discovered innovative ways to overcome these challenges, from collaborative creation with human experts to the integration of multimedia content and personalised support.
  • Seeking Guidance from Mentors: We emphasised the importance of collaborating with experienced mentors who can guide the process, addressing not just content creation but also confidence and marketing strategies.
  • Embracing Technology and Innovation: We recognised the potential of tools like ChatGPT in shaping the future of coaching, acknowledging both their strengths and areas for growth.

In the end, the creation of a signature coaching programme is a deeply personal and transformative process. It’s about finding the right balance between technology and human connection, between efficiency and empathy, between information and inspiration. It’s a journey that invites us to think creatively, to collaborate, and to innovate, crafting experiences that truly empower and inspire.

I hope this article has provided valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey in creating a signature coaching programme. Together, we can embrace the challenges, celebrate the successes, and create a future where coaching is not just a service but a transformative experience that uplifts and empowers.

Writing a signature coaching program with Wendy Kier


Exercise: Crafting Your Signature Coaching Programme Blueprint

Objective: To create a blueprint for your signature coaching programme that reflects your unique style, philosophy, expertise, and the specific outcomes you aim to achieve.

Materials Needed: Pen, paper, or a digital document, and a quiet space for reflection.

Duration: 60-90 minutes


  1. Identify Your Unique Coaching Philosophy
    • Reflect on what sets you apart as a coach.
    • Write down your core values, beliefs, and principles that guide your coaching practice.
    • Consider how these elements will be integrated into your signature programme.
  2. Define Specific Outcomes
    • What transformation do you want your clients to achieve?
    • List the specific outcomes you aim to deliver through your programme.
    • Ensure that these outcomes align with your coaching philosophy.
  3. Outline Your Programme Modules
    • Break down your programme into modules or sections.
    • For each module, describe the topics, activities, and methods you will use.
    • Consider how each module contributes to the overall goals and outcomes.
  4. Infuse Emotional Depth and Personal Touch
    • Think about how you can make your programme resonate with your clients on an emotional level.
    • Consider incorporating personal stories, interactive exercises, and multimedia content.
    • Plan how you will provide personalised support and community engagement.
  5. Collaborate and Innovate
    • Identify areas where collaboration with other experts or innovative tools like ChatGPT could enhance your programme.
    • Consider how technology and human creativity can work together in your programme.
  6. Reflect on Challenges and Opportunities
    • Acknowledge potential challenges in creating your programme.
    • Write down opportunities for growth and how you will address these challenges.
  7. Create an Action Plan
    • Outline the next steps to take your blueprint from concept to reality.
    • Include timelines, resources needed, and how you will market your programme.

Reflection Questions:

  • How does this blueprint reflect your unique coaching style and philosophy?
  • In what ways have you balanced efficiency and empathy in your programme design?
  • How have you embraced both technology and human connection in crafting this experience?


This exercise is a journey towards creating a signature coaching programme that is not only informative but deeply resonant and transformative. By engaging with this process, you are taking a step towards crafting experiences that empower and inspire, reflecting your unique path as a coach. Together, we can create a future where coaching transcends traditional models, embracing innovation, empathy, and creativity.

Feel free to modify this exercise to suit your specific needs or audience. It’s designed to be a flexible and engaging tool to help coaches think creatively and strategically about their signature programmes.


Key Insights - Life Coaching Business


The Importance of Signature Coaching Programmes:

Signature programmes are more than just coaching methods; they encapsulate a coach’s unique style, philosophy, and expertise, setting them apart from others in the field.

The Promise and Limitations of ChatGPT:

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool for structuring and outlining content, it may lack the emotional depth and personal touch needed to fully capture the essence of a signature coaching programme.

Challenges with Using ChatGPT:

The article explores specific challenges such as lack of emotional resonance, overly broad content, and the need for a more personalised touch when using ChatGPT to create a coaching programme.

Innovative Solutions and Alternatives:

By combining the efficiency of technology with human insights, emotions, and tailored insights, coaches can overcome the limitations of ChatGPT. Solutions include collaborative creation, focusing on specific outcomes, integrating multimedia content, and offering personalised support.

The Role of Collaboration and Community:

Building a nurturing community and collaborating with experienced mentors and human experts can enrich the coaching programme, making it more authentic, engaging, and transformative.

Exploration of Alternative Tools:

Staying open to innovation and experimentation with various tools and methods can lead to the creation of coaching programmes that align with the unique coaching philosophy.

Embracing Technology and Human Connection:

The article emphasises finding the right balance between technology and human connection, efficiency and empathy, information and inspiration. It’s a journey that invites creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Empowerment and Transformation:

The ultimate goal is to create signature coaching programmes that empower and inspire, crafting experiences that uplift and transform. The blend of technology with the warmth, wisdom, and empathy of human connection can create experiences that resonate deeply with clients.

These insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities, challenges, and opportunities in creating a signature coaching programme. They inspire coaches to think creatively, embrace technology, and stay true to the human connection that makes coaching a transformative experience.


Question: What is a signature coaching programme?
Answer: A signature coaching programme is a unique method that encapsulates a coach’s style, philosophy, and expertise, setting them apart from others in the field.
Question: How does ChatGPT help in creating a coaching programme?
Answer: ChatGPT can help in structuring and outlining content but may lack the emotional depth and personal touch needed for a signature coaching programme.
Question: What are the challenges with using ChatGPT?
Answer: Challenges include lack of emotional resonance, overly broad content, and the need for a more personalised touch.
Question: How can coaches overcome the limitations of ChatGPT?
Answer: Coaches can combine technology with human insights, emotions, and tailored insights, and explore innovative solutions such as collaborative creation, multimedia integration, and personalised support.

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